India rubbishes Pakistan media report on Pathankot terror attack

India rubbishes Pakistan media report on Pathankot terror attack

Says involvement of Pakistanis in terror attack on airbase was ‘self-evident’

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New Delhi has described a Pakistan media report, which said that the Pathankot terror attack was stage-managed by India, as a “total concoction” and that Pakistan’s Joint Investigation Team (JIT) had collected evidence in accordance with Pakistan’s laws.

Sources said that the JIT, which was in India last week, took on board detailed evidence that was shared by NIA. Since the JIT collected the evidence in accordance with a Pakistani law that applies to Pakistani citizens committing an offence abroad, sources in New Delhi said the involvement of Pakistanis in the Pathankot attack was “self-evident”.

The news report in the daily Pakistan Today had quoted an unnamed JIT member to say that the attack was nothing but “vicious propaganda” against Pakistan, as Indian authorities did not have any evidence to back their claims. “Within hours of the assault, all the attackers were shot dead by the Indian security forces. However, the Indian authorities made it a three-day drama to get maximum attention from the world community in order to malign Pakistan,” the report added.


The Congress said India could not have expected anything better from Pakistan when its state agencies were complicit both in the Mumbai and Pathankot attacks. It also questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Pakistan policy. “The PM was repeatedly misled by the Pakistani establishment into situations that led to national embarrassment. From day one, we had been asking what convinced the PM or assured him about the understanding reached between his NSA Ajit Doval and the Pakistani NSA that the entire establishment of Pakistan endorsed the talks and the peace process,” Congress’s Anand Sharma said. “We had questioned the visit of the Pakistan JIT, which included representatives of the ISI. Surely the JIT and the ISI would not have indicted themselves.”