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‘In the long run we are all dead’: Manmohan Singh’s top five quotes on demonetisation

Demonetisation debate: The former prime minister said that he hoped PM Modi found a practical solution to the issue.

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Former prime minister Manmohan Singh during the demonetisation debate. (Source: ANI)

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, during the Parliament debate on demonetisation Wednesday, said that the implementation of the move has been a ‘monumental mismanagement’ and that he hopes that PM Narendra Modi would come up with solutions to ease the people’s suffering. Here are the top five quotes from Manmohan Singh:

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1. Those who say demonetisation is good in the long run should recall the quote: “In the long run we are all dead”.

2. Monumental mismanagement has been undertaken in implementation of demonetisation.

3. I want to ask PM that can he name any country where people have deposited their money but are not able to withdraw it.


4. Cooperative banking sector which is serving large number in rural sector is not operational.

5. I hope that PM will help us find practical ways to give relief to people suffering.