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Full text: Suicide letter of three Tamil Nadu students

Full text of the three Tamil Nadu students - V Priyanka, E Saranya, and T Monisha who committed suicide on Saturday evening.

T Monisha, V Priyanka and E Saranya. All the three came from modest families.
T Monisha, V Priyanka and E Saranya, who allegedly committed suicide on Saturday

Three girl students of SVS Yoga Medical College at Kallakurichi near Villupuram in Tamil Nadu committed suicide on Saturday evening accusing the administration of charging excess fees and “torture”, and blaming college chairman Vasuki Subramanian for their death.

In a two-page suicide note that all three of them — E Saranya and V Priyanka, both 18, and T Monisha, 19 — signed, the girls said students had filed several complaints against Subramanian, to no avail. Citing “torture” by the management, the girls hoped that their suicide would finally force authorities to take action against the chairman.

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The bodies of the three were found in a well near the college. The girls were doing naturopathy courses.

Below is the full text of the letter – translated verbatim – allegedly written by the three students


Saranya, Monisha, Priyanka…we are students of SVS naturopathy medical college. This college is collecting enormous fees. But once paid for all of the fees, any (bill) receipt is not issued. There is no enough coaching to the extent fee is charged. We have no teachers to teach us. This was put up as complaint many times.. No steps taken. More than studying, we have been working more hours after joining here. Ever since we started study here, our families have been extremely stressed out. This college Chairman Vasuki (Subramanian) always abuse us calling us ‘criminals’. We have been suffering here in this college. At least now please take action against this college

Because of these reasons only we are committing suicide…! But this Chairman Vasuki might term us characterless after this. We are doing this only so action is taken against this college. We beg you not to take her words or believe if she speaks ill of us. We have still not passed our 2nd year. But they have extracted 6 lakhs fee from us.

All this is written by us in complete sensible state of mind.

V Priyanka
E Saranya
T Monisha