Andhra Pradesh MP’s unique protest against demonetisation catches opposition eye

TDP MP Dr Sivaprasad from Andhra Pradesh shows up at Parliament in half-black and half-white trousers and shirt.

Written by Leela Prasad | New Delhi | Updated: November 29, 2016 6:58:11 pm
sivaprasad1 TDP MP Dr Sivaprasad from Andhra Pradesh shows up at Parliament in half-black and half-white trousers and shirt. (Source: ANI)

Amid the ruckus in Parliament over the scrapping of old high tender notes, an MP from Andhra Pradesh protested against the Centre’s move in a unique manner on Tuesday. Dressed in half-black and half-white trousers and shirt, Dr Sivaprasad made his way to the front benches as soon as the Lok Sabha proceedings begun.

When opposition MPs began sloganeering, he went over to Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge to explain the reasoning behind his attire, news channel NDTV reported. When TMC MP Saugoto Roy asked Sivaprasad to take a stroll around the Treasury benches, he duly obliged. Sivaprasad was seen joining his arms in namaste to senior BJP leader L K Advani and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar. Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav also shook his hand.  Sivaprasad’s custom-made dress sported a combination of stickers of people in distress and black money hoarders.

Speaking to, Sivaprasad said: “I took a tour around my constituency for a week, the public is weeping. People are afraid to say they are against the move.”

The Chittoor lawmaker said a few people surrounding Prime Minister Narendra Modi were giving him wrong feedback on demonetisation. They are painting a happy scenario, he said. When asked how the move has affected farmers in his constituency, Srivaprasad said they were “dying”. People with heart ailments and other diseases are finding it difficult to get treatment, he added.

Clarifying that he was not against demonetisation, but only its implementation, Sivaprasad said: “If I want to produce any movie, everything should be ready. The cast, support staff, hero, heroine and director. Can’t shoot with just a camera. PM Modi did not make proper arrangements.”

On the opposition demand seeking PM Modi’s intervention in the House debate, Sivaprasad said, “Why can’t he (PM Modi) convince lawmakers and give hope to the people.”

Sivaprasad, a character artiste, starred in several Tollywood films before taking the plunge into politics. He was known for essaying roles with negative shades, usually a corrupt politician or police. Saying that he can’t keep quiet during times such as these, he said the artiste within him comes out during times of crisis.

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