Arvind Kejriwal presents draft bill to seek full statehood for Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal presents draft bill to seek full statehood for Delhi

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said while urging rivals BJP and Congress to "rise above differences" and went on to quote from old manifestos of BJP wherein the party had promised full statehood.

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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

The AAP government Wednesday unveiled its draft of the State of Delhi Bill, 2016, proposing the complete handing over of administrative power – including police, law and order and land – to the Delhi government, while keeping the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) area under the Centre’s control.

Urging the BJP and the Congress to rise above party lines and arrive at a consensus to get full statehood for the national capital, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “Yeh hum apne liye thodi na maang rahe hai. Jo BJP aur Congress ka puraana sapna hai, usi ko aage badha rahe hain (We are not seeking this for ourselves. It was the Congress and the BJP’s dream. We are taking it forward).”

WATCH VIDEO | AAP Govt Proposes To Seek Full Statehood For Delhi

“Broadly speaking, we will let the land and police in the NDMC area be under the Centre’s control. This will include Lutyen’s zone and the Delhi Cantonment area,” said Kejriwal.



The AAP government also issued a primer explaining the need for full statehood and full control of the Delhi Development Authority, Delhi Police and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

“Just because of the central government and diplomatic presence in a city-state… people must suffer.. ? AAP does not believe so,” the primer stated.

It explained, “Embassy areas and central government are in the NDMC zone of the city. A central-run police force can easily be provided for and budgeted for separately — while allowing the rest of Delhi Police and as importantly the DDA to come under the Delhi State Government.”

The AAP argued, “Yes, protection of the Parliament has to be under the central government but will the central government take responsibility and accountability for a case of sexual harassment in Burari, a robbery in Kirari or a theft in Vasant Kunj? Aren’t local issues of safety and security better tackled at the local level?”

The proposed Bill wants “Parliament to have exclusively legislative powers and the President, acting through the Governor, executive power for New Delhi.”

“How can the Delhi government ensure efficient and effective land usage and allocation for its people and welfare programmes if it has no say in it,” the government stated.

The Delhi Police, it said, is “currently not responsive and accountable to the people of Delhi”. The BJP-run MCD, it argued, is also “terribly planned, extremely corrupt and fiscally imprudent”.

Kejriwal said the Delhi government will pass a resolution on the issue and send it to the Centre.

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