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Abdul Mannan meets Sonia Gandhi, says West Bengal’s Congress to take call on alliance

Mannan met Sonia in New Delhi on Monday.

LEADER OF Congress Legislative Party (CLP) Abdul Mannan on Monday said party president Sonia Gandhi, while leaving it to the state unit to decide on the future of Left-Congress alliance in Bengal, has agreed to his proposal that all secular and democratic parties should unitedly fight against the terror allegedly unleashed by Trinamool Congress.

Mannan, who met Sonia in New Delhi on Monday, told The Indian Express: “It was my first visit to Delhi after I was elected the CLP leader. I paid her a courtesy visit. I also discussed instances of violence after poll results were announced. Besides, I presented to her a detailed documented report to apprise her of the situation in Bengal.”

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Asked what was discussed about the future of the Left-Congress alliance in the state, he said: “I suggested that all secular and democratic parties should unitedly fight against Trinamool-sponsored terror and she had given her consent.”



“She said it is up to the state party leadership to decide about the future of the understanding between Congress and Left,” he added. Mannan is set to meet Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday.

The CPM, meanwhile, has reportedly received letters from its local committee members, criticising the alliance. In a letter dated May 21 written to state CPM secretary Dr Surjya Kanta Mishra, members of Panihati Local Committee and Belghoria Local Committee have termed the electoral understanding with Congress as an “unholy alliance”.

The letter said: “We remained silent during the elections because we did not want to do anything which could be utilised by the violent and reactionary ruling party in Bengal, the Trinamool Congress. We were very disturbed by what the party leaders were doing in Bengal, violating all party norms, but we did not make our dissent public during the election campaign, thinking about the sentiments of the thousands of ordinary party activists like us across Bengal, who were being misled by the leadership into a self-destructive course.”

Referring to the election, it claimed the verdict was a “slap on the face of the CPM leadership by the people of Bengal”.

When contacted, Mishra denied he has received any such letter, as he was touring the districts to help victims of post-poll violence.

Senior CPM leader Rabin Deb, however, told The Indian Express: “Our party is democratic, where everyone is allowed to voice their grievance. But at the same time, if you have a copy of the letter, it is a breach of party conduct. The opinions, however, are of the individual and not of the committees’.

They might have written the letter under an external influence, which was common when the party is facing an adverse situation, he added.

Both Mishra and Deb said joint protests by Left and Congress members against state-sponsored atrocities would continue.