Country will punish Modi government: Akhilesh Yadav

Country will punish Modi government: Akhilesh Yadav

Targeting BSP chief Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav told the crowd: “You must have heard the name of BBC... It reports news... These days, the channel’s name is Bua Broadcasting Corporation.”

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Akhilesh Yadav and during Samajwadi Vikas Rath Yatra in Moradabad on Saturday. (Source: PTI photo)

TARGETING BJP government again over demonetisation, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday claimed “India has lagged behind rather than becoming developed and people are spending their time in queues”. Addressing a rally in Rampur district as part of the second phase of his Vikas Rath Yatra, Akhilesh said: “The people of the country will punish this government for depriving them from using their own money… Shadi ka season chal raha hai. Bataiye kya koi pandit ko cheque deta hai? Is dukhi karne wali sarkaar ko janata hata degi (The wedding season is on… Will anyone give a cheque to a pandit? People will remove this government)”

“Nothing would become better after demonetisation… but this will unbalance the country’s economy badly. Ye sarkar nai nai cheez le ke aati rahegi. Abhi chunaav ka samay hai. Thoda sambhal ke rahiyega. Kuch aur naya bhi aa sakta hai (This government comes up with new things. It’s election time… Be careful, something new may also happen),” added Akhilesh.

Targeting BSP chief Mayawati, he told the crowd: “You must have heard the name of BBC… It reports news… These days, the channel’s name is Bua Broadcasting Corporation.”

He went on to dub the previous BSP government as ‘patthar wali saraak’, whose stones can still be found across Uttar Pradesh.


Minister Azam Khan, who accompanied Akhilesh, said: “People should not let Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the RSS to decide whether talaq will be ‘one, two or three’. Our Shariyat will decide how many talaqs will be there and not the RSS.” He was referring to the Centre’s stand on banning triple talaq.

Earlier, Akhilesh took out his yatra atop a Mercedes bus from Moradabad to Azam’s native district Rampur. He inaugurated development projects in Moradabad and an artificial lake, a flyover and an auditorium in Azam’s Mohammad Ali Jauhar University and ‘Gandhi Samadhi’ in Rampur. Akhilesh also distributed laptops to 950 students.