Coal: India not just importing

Coal: India not just importing

Amid rising concerns over dependence on coal imports, the Centre continues to export the fuel to various countries.

Even though coal exports declined from 1.24 million tonne (MT) in 2014-15 against 2.19 MT in 2013-14, the country earned `719.7 crore during the last financial year.

The nations to which coking coal was exported during 2014-15 include Bangladesh (.007 MT), Iran (.035 MT). While coking coal exports fetched Rs 41.3 crore to the exchequer, Rs 678.4 crore came from non-coking coal exports during the same period, according to figures compiled by the directorate general of commercial intelligence and statistics (DGCI&S) recently.

CaptureThe proceeds were earned from sale of non-coking coal mainly to Bhutan (.038 MT), Bangladesh (.535 MT), Nepal (.482 MT) and United Arab Emirates (.141 MT), according to the DGCI&S.

Main ports for exports were Panitanki, West Bengal (0.31 MT) Borsorah, Meghalaya (0.15 MT) Magdalla, Gujarat (0.14 MT). These are land ports.