BJP-BDJS alliance in Kerala on verge of collapse hints leader

BJP-BDJS alliance in Kerala on verge of collapse hints leader

BDJS Vellappally leader Nadesan said party workers and leaders were very upset with the BJP leadership.

Even as the BJP is all set to begin its National Conclave in Kozhikode, its key ally in Kerala, the BJDS, has accused it of not sticking to coalition dharma, ignoring the partner’s concerns and sidelining it. BDJS leader Vellappally Nadesan warned that the alliance in Kerala would break unless the BJP leadership intervenes and fulfils its promises to the party.

“The alliance will not work if the BJP leadership continues to ignore the BDJS and forgets its promises, on which there was mutual agreement. The BJDS has been waiting for some time now,” Nadesan, chief of the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam told The Indian Express. SNDP is a powerful outfit of the Ezhavas, a prominent Hindu OBC community in the state.

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Nadesan had launched BDJS last year ahead of Assembly elections in Kerala. Both the RSS and VHP in the state as well as Mata Amritanandamayi, a spiritual leader considered to be close to the BJP leadership, worked to bring together the BJP and SNDP leaderships.

In a telephonic interview Nadesan said BDJS workers and leaders were very upset with the BJP leadership. “There were many rounds of discussions between BJP and BDJS during which there have been many promises and agreements. But there is just silence from the BJP leadership,” Nadesan said.

The SNDP leader blamed both central and the state leaders for the weakening of ties. “The central leadership did not take much care in keeping us in good faith. The state leaders are into so much infighting and all of them are eyeing some posts. So they wouldn’t care for the alliance partners.”

Nadesan said the BJP had promised to appoint BDJS leaders in key posts in autonomous bodies. “There are so many vacancies. Many of the corporate bodies do not have heads now,” he said.

“The uncertainty and silence disappointed BDJS leaders and they have started doubting the BJP. Not just that, the BDJS leaders have been ridiculed by opposition parties in the state. The cases launched by Kerala government are also haunting them,” Nadesan said

However, he said his son and BDJS leader Tushar Vellappally is expected to attend the NDA meeting called by BJP chief Amit Shah in Kerala on Monday. “Let’s hope that things will be sorted out there ,” he said


Sources said the SNDP leaders are disappointed with the BJP leadership mainly for not giving a Rajya Sabha seat to Tushar Vellappally.