American expats in Mumbai gear up for result day

This election has divided my country that I am glad I was away.

Written by Mythreyee Ramesh | Mumbai | Updated: November 9, 2016 3:57:58 am
Voters cast their ballots from their car in Raleigh, North Carolina. Reuters Voters cast their ballots from their car in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Source: Reuters)

For American expatriates in Mumbai, being away from home hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm in the US Presidential elections a bit. For the results, many are planning get-togethers with fellow American colleagues.

Tiffany Goulet, a teacher with an international school in the city, has been away from home for the last three Presidential elections but claims this election is the “most emotional one”. While she will be working when the results are announced, she will get together with a bunch of fellow American colleagues for a pre-election party the night before.

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“If I were home, I would have watched the results with my family. But I’m not missing being away much because there are people here with whom I can discuss the elections. If the person I am rooting for wins, I will do something crazy to celebrate. If not, I will wear black to mark the occasion,” says Goulet.

With home-style tacos to fill their appetite and election-themed drinks planned, Goulet is apprehensive about the results. “This election has divided my country that I am glad I was away. I feel out of touch with my own nation. The thought that this particular candidate has 50 per cent chances to win is terrifying. The impact of this change in Presidency is going to be felt world-over,” asserts Goulet.

She adds that America will miss outgoing President Barack Obama and his family, whom she describes as an eloquent family who represented the essence of America. Unlike Goulet, this is Makenzie Nokes’s first election away from home. She has invited over 20 friends, both Indians and Americans to her house on Wednesday evening and is planning to watch as much news as possible. “Normally, I would have gone to the booth to cast my poll. But this time, I cast my vote much earlier. I am rooting for Hillary and will be disappointed if Trump wins,” says Nokes, who has been in Mumbai for over a year now.

A Fulbright program scholar in Mumbai, Jacquelyn O’Keefe is on a backpacking trip to Manali and is planning to catch the election results on the television set in the youth hostel she is staying in. “I am planning to wake up early and catch the news, hopefully. Although I have cast my vote, I miss the election buzz. It is sad that I cannot discuss the candidates with some stranger in the grocery store, or see them on billboards. But it is also good, in a way, because it was a bitterly fought election,” says O’Keefe.

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