Kejriwal steps up attack: PM Modi scared of Sonia Gandhi, of secrets going public

Kejriwal steps up attack: PM Modi scared of Sonia Gandhi, of secrets going public

Questioning the progress of the investigation in the chopper deal, Kejriwal alleged that there hasn't been an "inch" of movement on the probe, despite the Modi government coming to power.

Over 300 party workers were detained during the protest and taken to Parliament Street police station. Prem Nath Pandey
Over 300 party workers were detained during the protest and taken to Parliament Street police station. Prem Nath Pandey

At a rally organised by AAP against the alleged “collusion and coalition” between the ruling BJP and opposition Congress, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Saturday claimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi “has not mustered up the courage to arrest” Congress President Sonia Gandhi over the AugustaWestland row.

Alleging that the Congress and the BJP were “different sides of the same coin”, Kejriwal said, “It saddens me to say that on August 26, 2012, we gathered here (Jantar Mantar) against the corruption in both parties. Today, after four years, their collusion and their coalition is the reason we are here again.”


“The Italian government completed the investigation (in the AugustaWestland case), took it to court, the court gave its order and those who gave bribes were sentenced to prison. The Italians did all this but our PM didn’t let the investigation move an inch. The Italian court order has the names of Sonia Gandhi, Ahmed Patel, officials and Congress people. It has been days since the order… but Narendra Modiji has not mustered up the courage to arrest Sonia Gandhi and investigate the case,” said the chief minister.

Claiming the Prime Minister was “scared” of Gandhi, he said, “We made you the PM to investigate the case… not to leave everything to the Italian court. Our chests too would swell to 56 inches if the PM stood up and said he had sent


Sonia Gandhi to jail. But when my PM says it wasn’t he who named her, it was the Italian court, I wonder if he is so scared of Sonia Gandhi.”

He claimed that the BJP had taken prompt action while arresting AAP MLAs but was sitting on cases against the Gandhi family. “They carried out a CBI raid in my office, they probed all day and found four mufflers. They won’t carry out a CBI raid on the Congress chief. Sonia Gandhi se itna kyun darte hain Narendra Modiji? (why are you so scared of Sonia Gandhi).”

The chief minister claimed the BJP had failed to probe alleged irregularities in the land deals of Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra in Haryana and Rajasthan, despite the party being in power in both states.

“Before Lok Sabha elections, he (Modi) used to say Vadra is Congress’ son-in-law, now it looks like even Modi has adopted him,” said Kejriwal.

“Together, the Congress and the BJP let corruption thrive. But Modiji gave such great speeches before the Lok Sabha elections. He said they will send the ‘son-in-law’ to jail, he said this was a government of scams. He said I have a 56-inch chest so I can send them to jail. In two years of their government, they haven’t sent a single person to jail. The country has been cheated,” he added.

Reiterating his claim about both the BJP and the Congress being part of a “very good pact”, Kejriwal said, “In 10 years, UPA kept a number of Modiji’s secret scams hidden. Modiji knows that if he gets Sonia Gandhi or Robert Vadra arrested, his secrets will also be made public.”

The chief minister also brought up the issue of the Prime Minister’s educational degree, saying, “One secret is the degree scam of Narendra Modi. Our volunteers are everywhere. Every Delhi University department has our people. Modiji’s name was nowhere in the records. The BA degree is fake. If he never did BA, how did he do MA? Which university allows MA after Class XII? If the BA degree is fake, the MA degree is also fake. This country will not tolerate cheating.”

He said former Delhi law minister Jitender Singh Tomar, who was accused of procuring a fake degree, was arrested and taken back to the college, where he was asked to show police where his classroom and the toilet was located. “Shouldn’t the PM also be made to face the same process,” Kejriwal asked the crowd.

Seeking an apology from the Prime Minister, the AAP chief said, “The PM must apologise to the country and say that he does not have a BA or a MA degree. We don’t want a PM with a BA or MA. We just want an honest PM”.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police detained over 300 AAP supporters along with senior party leaders Ashutosh, Sanjay Singh and Dilip Pandey during the protest march.

DCP (New Delhi) Jatin Narwal, said, “The protesters were detained under Section 144 of the CrPC and released later.”




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