Gurgaon: Two Fortis doctors arrested for medical negligence

Gurgaon: Two Fortis doctors arrested for medical negligence

The two doctors employed at Fortis Hospital have been booked under Section 304 A of the Indian Penal Code - causing death by negligence.

We are providing complete support to authorities concerned, Fortis said

The Gurgaon police Thursday arrested two doctors, employed at the city’s Fortis Memorial Research Institute, on charges of medical negligence. The two doctors, senior cardiologist Dr Suryanarayan Murty and emergency doctor Dr Vajja Nagaraju, have been booked under Section 304 A (causing death by negligence) of the IPC. They were granted bail Friday.

“The complainant approached us in December last year and said he took his wife to the hospital after she complained of chest pain. He alleged that the doctors did not give her the medication that could have saved her life. We referred the matter to the Gurgaon medical board. The report came back in February and we lodged a case. The report said the doctors were negligent,” said Gurgaon Police spokesperson Ravinder Kumar.

Fortis Healthcare, in a statement, said, “The matter is sub judice. We are providing complete support to the authorities concerned.” The case comes close on the heels of another incident, wherein the hospital was accused of criminal negligence and overcharging by a government medical committee, after a seven-year-old girl died of dengue shock syndrome in November last year. In this case, the woman, Seema Ghai (51), a physiotherapist, was taken to the hospital in May last year. Her husband, Mukesh Ghar, alleged: “Around 1.30 am, my wife complained of chest pain and uneasiness. I took her blood pressure, which was high, and rushed her to the hospital. Doctors conducted the first ECG at 1.43 am and it showed that she has acute coronary syndrome. The doctors did not give her any medication to treat those symptoms and did not give her any blood thinners, which should have been done.”

“I kept asking doctors to give her blood thinners but nothing moved till 4 am, when her cardiac enzyme report came. At 4.15 am, they gave her blood thinners but it was too late. She was shifted to ICU and suffered another heart attack. An angioplasty was conducted and we were allowed to meet her. She was unconscious and later died,” he alleged. Ghai, who filed a complaint in December, claimed, “I filed an RTI to get her medical records and after I received the reply, I filed the complaint. The medical board clearly says life-saving medication was not administered and that was the cause of her death.”