Five Days of Yogi Adityanath’s UP reign: Key decisions he has taken so far

Five Days of Yogi Adityanath’s UP reign: Key decisions he has taken so far

From the formation of 'anti-Romeo' squads to the ban on illegal slaughterhouses, here is a compilation of the actions the new UP Chief Minister has taken since he was sworn in.

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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (File Photo)

Ever since taking over the role as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath has taken over the limelight. Be it his surprise visit to a police station, the formation of ‘anti-Romeo’ squads or the ban on illegal slaughterhouses.

Here is a compilation of the actions he has taken since he was sworn in.

Ban on slaughterhouses
Yogi Adityanath called out a ban all the slaughterhouses that were running illegally in Uttar Pradesh – which is fine, since all things illegal should be shut down. However, he also ordered a ban on all mechanical meat processing plants. In Uttar Pradesh, mechanical plants would be both illegal and legal – placing a ban on all of them spawns complications. The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has given license to 75 abattoirs in India, 41 of which are in Uttar Pradesh. Twenty-three of these are only meat processing establishments and three of these were closed down in Meerut yesterday. Interestingly, these three (APEDA approved) meat processing plants are owned by the family of Haji Shahid Akhlaq, who is a former BSP MP living in Meerut.

The umbrella ban makes it difficult not only for those who eat buffalo meat, but those who work at slaughterhouses-cum-meat processing units, who’d lose their employment. In addition, reports have surfaced that the ban has impacted certain animals at zoos who are refusing to eat anything but buffalo meat (


Anti-Romeo Squads
Women’s safety suddenly became a strong political issue during the Uttar Pradesh elections, where BJP announced in its campaign that it would assemble ‘anti-Romeo’ squads, a special police machinery that would put a dramatic halt on eve-teasing and sexual harassment in Uttar Pradesh. During the campaign, BJP’s party leader Amit Shah had declared that these squads would be at all police stations, patrolling near every UP college to comb out any unruly behaviour by men towards women.

Since the time Adityanath has been sworn in as the UP Chief Minister, the ‘anti-Romeo’ squads have been put into action. Police teams have been patrolling public parks, outside colleges and other public spaces. Unfortunately, while the squads have been targeting men loitering about, they also have been targeting couples under the garb of moral policing. A video released by NDTV recently showed a woman officer publicly humiliating a young man in Jhansi because he was sitting with a woman at a public site. The officer said that certain public grounds “are family spaces” and “when there are people who try to spoil our culture through certain actions, we will stop them.”

Clampdown on the VIP culture and asking ministers to disclose their net worth
Adityanath ordered the ministers in Uttar Pradesh to remove the red beacons from their cars, stating that no politician should enjoy a VIP status. In addition, he requested all ministers to reveal their net worth to the CM secretariat within the fortnight.

School teachers have been ordered to dress appropriately; not use mobile phones
Adityanath recently directed teachers employed in government schools to not wear T-shirts while working on the job. He also asked them not to unnecessarily use cell phones, unless it was required. An hour long prayer should be introduced in schools, he said, while also stating that in case anyone showed any misbehavior towards girls on the premises, strict action would be taken.

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