Express Daily Briefing: India-Pak meet tomorrow to discuss Kartarpur corridor, Super 30 review, more

Express Daily Briefing: India-Pak meet tomorrow to discuss Kartarpur corridor, Super 30 review, more

Here's what is making news on Saturday morning: India-Pakistan to meet tomorrow to discuss Kartarpur corridor, parched Chennai finally gets water from Vellore, more.

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Top news on Saturday morning.

Staggered patrols, meetings, new drills lower Sino-Indian border tensions

Tensions on the Sino-Indian border have reduced after the informal summit between PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping at Wuhan, reports Sushant Singh. The new rules of engagement have meant that face-offs between soldiers on both sides of the disputed boundary have reduced significantly.

Mehul Choksi’s latest: Typhoon in Antigua delayed courier, letter to court

Fugitive diamond trader Mehul Choksi has blamed an “untimely typhoon” in Antigua and Barbuda for his inability to send legal documents to his lawyer in India to challenge a January 31 special court order in the Bombay HC.

India, Pakistan meet tomorrow to discuss Kartarpur corridor

Amid differences, India and Pakistan will meet at Wagah tomorrow to discuss issues, including a bridge at Zero Line as part of Kartarpur corridor. Shubhajit Roy and Deeptiman Tiwary track the developments as the two nations discuss the draft agreement on the modalities for movement of pilgrims along the corridor.

The Miya voice

Scars of NRC in Assam are becoming visible in cultural expressions in poetry and music. Miya poetry is one such genre. FIR filed against poets voicing their fears about NRC is an outrageous attempt to suppress a debate.


Boys like Kabir Singh

As the #MeToo wave ebbs, Kabir Singh is not a film as much as a balm for bruised male entitlement, writes Amrita Dutta in her column. The movie strikes not just for its angry, chain-smoking self-destructive hero but it’s the pristine woman Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film worships that is an equally troubling fantasy.

Super 30 review: This Hrithik movie is way less than super

Super 30, named as per the students in Anand Kumar’s class, is way less than super for various reasons, one being that it is dragged, reviews Shubhra Gupta.

Rolls Roy-ce: England on the verge of World Cup victory

This England opener has managed to merge talent with discipline, and now stands on the verge of a World Cup win. Sriram Veera profiles young Jason Roy, who was instrumental in England’s semi-final victory against Australia.

Parched Chennai finally gets water — on train from Vellore

The first train carrying water from Jolarpet near Vellore arrived on Friday in Chennai city, which is reeling under a severe water crisis. With about 2.7 million litres of water in its 50 wagons,the train stopped at a track exclusively used by Integral Coach Factory.