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Exit polls LIVE updates: BJP to snatch Tripura from Left, Congress may lose Meghalaya

The results of the northeast elections will be out on March 3.

Polling was conducted for 59 seats in both the states with one candidate declared unopposed in Nagaland and election in one constituency of Meghalaya countermanded. (Photo by Kallol Dey)

Will the BJP snatch Tripura from CPM? Will the NPF retain Nagaland? And will the Congress manage to fight the anti-incumbency in Meghalaya? Well, all these will be answered on March 3. But what do the exit polls project?

In Tripura, which has been the Red bastion for the past 25 years, BJP may form its maiden government along with the IPFT, predicted NewsX exit poll. It said the BJP-IPFT combine will get anywhere between 35-45 seats, while the CPI(M) tally will come down from 50 to 14-23. Axis MyIndia, however, gave a larger share of the pie to the saffron party and estimated it to win 45-50 seats, while it gave the Left 9-10 seats.

The CVoter Exit Poll has predicted a close finish in Tripura, with the CPI-M likely to get 26 to 34 seats with 44.3 per cent vote share, the BJP and its allies 24 to 32 seats with a vote share of 42.8 per cent, while the Congress may win only 0-2 seats with a vote share of 7.2 per cent.

For Nagaland, where BJP allied with the Neiphu Rio-led NDPP after severing ties with the CM Zeliang-led NPF, NewsX predicted the saffron party will get 27-32 seats. NPF will win 20-25 seats, while Congress may get 0-2 in the 60-member assembly.

In Meghalaya, too, BJP is set to make sufficient gains. Axis MyIndia predicted the saffron party will manage to reach  the half-way mark in the 60-member house, while Congress will be relegated to only 20 seats. However, NewsX estimated that the Conrad Sangma-led National People’s Party will get the maximum seats at 23-27.


In Tripura, 89.8% electors cast their votes, down from 91.82% in the 2013 assembly elections. While Meghalaya recorded 68 per cent voting till 4 pm, Nagaland saw 75 per cent turnout till 5 pm.

Here is what the exit poll says:


Axis MyIndia and News24: BJP+IPFT: 45-50, Left Front: 9-10

Newsx: BJP+: 35-45, Left Front: 14-23, Congress: 0

CVoter: BJP: 24-32, Left Front: 26-34, Congress: 0-2


Newsx: BJP+: 27-32; Congress: 0-2, NPF: 20-25

CVoter: BJP+: 25-31, Congress: 0-4, NPF: 19-25


Axis MyIndia and News24: BJP: 30, Congress: 20, PDF: 3, NCP: 2, Others: 4

Newsx: BJP: 8-12, Congress: 13-17; NPP: 23-27

CVoter: BJP: 4-8, Congress: 13-19, NPP: 17-23