Students express gratitude to teachers on Guru Poornima

Students express gratitude to teachers on Guru Poornima

Various institutes and organisations across the city celebrated Guru Poornima on Tuesday.

Various institutes and organisations across the city celebrated Guru Poornima on Tuesday. Students expressed gratitude to their teachers.

A group of over 550 Bharatnatyam students performed a special dance for their guru Shilpa Danave,director of Margam Dance Academy,Hadapsar. Danave,along with her students,performed a puja before following the ritual of teaching something new. “I taught my students a new dance step and technique. It is a tradition at our academy,” said Danave. “A guru is known as a guru only because of his students. I am grateful to my students for the respect they have given me and I am aware of the burden of responsibility I bear as their teacher,” she added.

The assembly at Dastur School,Camp,also was a very special one on Tuesday. Students from Class VII to X organised a special function to mark Guru Poornima. Students gifted each teacher a small token comprising coconut,flowers and a box of chocolates. “It was a very touching endeavour by the students. I am happy that they also gave little hampers to our peons,” says Lily Patel,Principal,Sardar Dastur School,Camp.

“Inculcation of values is more important than imparting knowledge. I am happy that our teachers have inculcated such values in our students that they in turn have learnt to respect them like they should,” she adds.


Anand Sangha,a spiritual organisation,will organise a Guru Poornima Retreat from July 15 to 17. Devotees will celebrate their enlightment that they gained from their Guru Swami Kriyananda at their yogashram in Mulshi. Their celebrations include getting together for kirtans,participating in the community kitchen,rejuvenating meditation and revising the lessons taught by their Guru and promising to put it into practice.

Rashtravadi Congress Party will organise a felicitation programme,Gurujan Gaurav Samaram,at 4 pm at Ganesh Kala Krida Manch on Friday. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar along with MP Vandana Chavan will give awards of appreciation to BKS Iyengar,senior scientist Raghunath Mashelkar,Vijaykanth Kothari,D M Mirasdar and Ram Takawale for their contribution to various fields. City Mayor Vaishali Bankar along with other eminent personalities will be present at the function.

Celebrations at Sadhu Vaswani Mission

Devotees at Sadhu Vaswani Mission cleaned and decorated the samadhi of Sadhu Vaswani as an act of “guru-seva”. The day proceeded with religious rituals held on the premises of Sadhu Vaswani Mission. “We need to walk in obedience of the teachings and ideals of the Guru. The Guru needs nothing else from his disciples except their obedience,” said Dada J P Vaswani.

“Run,don’t walk,time is short,” added the spiritual leader. He went on to tell his devotees about the significance of a guru in every person’s life.

“From birth until death,human beings are sustained by a network of relationships,among them all,the Guru-disciple relationship is unique,” said Dada.