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E-cigarettes banned so they don’t destroy our young: PM Modi

“The e-cigarette has been banned so that this new form of intoxication does not destroy our demographically young country,” he said.

IIT-Madras, IIT-Madras convocartion, PM Modi, NaMo App, Singapore-India Hackathon, PM Narendra ModiPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the government banned the use of e-cigarettes to ensure that they do not “destroy our demographically young country”. He also lauded the idea behind “plogging” which involves running while picking up trash on the way and encouraged people to felicitate daughters who have brought “glory to their families, society and the country”.

Speaking about the government’s move to ban e-cigarettes, he said, “While we all understand the dangers of common cigarettes, a misconception has been generated about e-cigarettes…The myth that has been spread is that e-cigarettes pose no danger. Like the conventional cigarette, it does not spread odour as fragrant chemicals are added to it. We have seen around us, that, even if the father in any house is a chain smoker, still he tries to stop the rest of the household from smoking… There is no confusion about the dangers posed by a cigarette…”

“But the case of e-cigarettes is quite different. There is little awareness… for this reason sometimes e-cigarettes sneak into the house out of sheer curiosity. And kids at times pretending to be showing some magical trick, blow smoke in the presence of peer company or their parents…And as if a magic show is going on, the family members respond with applause….,” he added.

“The e-cigarette has been banned so that this new form of intoxication does not destroy our demographically young country,” he said.


A conversation between the Prime Minister and the young man behind the “plogging” initiative in India was broadcasted during the radio address.

The Prime Minister said the Ministry of Sports will be organising a ‘Fit India plogging run’ on October 2 to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. He also announced a “Run for Unity” event to mark Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s birth anniversary on October 31.

On the government’s campaign against single-use plastic, he said, “I do believe that a single step towards freedom from single-use plastic taken by 130 crore countrymen will give India a lead by a 130 crore steps.”

A conversation between the Prime Minister and legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar, in which he extends his wishes on her 90th birthday, was also broadcasted.

He said he was “stirred” by the humility of Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev who lost to Spanish ace Rafael Nadal in the US Open final.

Referring to Medvedev’s speech after the match, the Prime Minister said the Russian player had won hearts with his “simplicity and maturity”.

Referring to the upcoming festivals, the Prime Minister encouraged people to share their happiness with the “deprived” through NGOs and charitable organisations. “There are homes where sweetmeats are left to rot; there are homes where children yearn for a sweet; at places almirahs run out of space to store more clothes; elsewhere, people have to slog to earn a decent covering for their bodies… Let us distribute joy where there is paucity,” he said.

He also appealed to people to felicitate “daughters” and “daughters-in-laws who are performing extraordinarily”.

“In our culture, daughters are considered Laxmi…Can we, this time around in society, organise programmes to felicitate daughters in villages, towns and cities?… This Diwali, can we arrange programmes to honour the Laxmi of India? If you look around, you’ll find many daughters and daughters-in-law who are performing extraordinarily. … Our society must recognise such daughters, honour them and feel proud of them.”