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5 Questions: Division in govt, voting will show that: Dharmendra Yadav

Dharmendra Yadav, SP, Lok Sabha, speaks to Indian Express.

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Dharmendra Yadav. (Source: File)

Why is the SP’s issue against demonetisation?

The SP is not against unearthing black money. But if he government had to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1 000 notes, why did it introduce a Rs 2,000 note and print Rs 500 notes again? Moreover the manner in which they took the step has led to panic across the country.

Can the SP agree to a discussion in Lok Sabha without voting?

No, the SP wants voting.

Why the insistence?

There is great distress among people, the government has taken a decision without adequate preparations. All these things should come before Parliament. There should be a discussion with voting so that people know who are in favour or against.

Why do you think the government rules out voting?


The government should answer that. It shows there is a division in the government somewhere, there is some dissatisfaction. Otherwise, with such a huge majority, it makes no sense running away from voting.

Does the Opposition too expect some parties to break ranks with the government?

Allies have already criticised the government, the Shiv Sena has done it. There is discontent in other parties as well. These things will come out when voting happens.