5 Questions: A discussion without voting is good enough, says A P Jithender Reddy

A P Jithender Reddy, TRS, Lok Sabha, speaks to The Indian Express.

Written by Pradeep Kaushal | Published: December 6, 2016 2:19:14 am
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You tried to initiate a discussion on demonetisation under rule 193 although your speech was disrupted. When most Opposition parties want voting, why have you opted for a rule that does not provide for that?

I think a discussion is good enough. We consistently took this stand at all-party meetings, at Business Advisory Committee meetings and during informal consultations.

Why do you feel the government is avoiding a vote in Lok Sabha when it has a comfortable majority?

Once the government goes for a division of votes in Lok Sabha, a vote would become inevitable in Rajya Sabha. It is in a minority there.

What effect do you think demonetisation has had?

The scheme has gone wrong. People have been subjected to unnecessary harassment. Kohda pahad, nikali chuhiya. It now turns out that all the cash the government suspected had been stored as black money has come to banks. A substantial chunk might have been out of circulation and lying with individuals earlier, but the government needs to understand that every citizen is not into banking.

What should be done at this stage?

The intention of our PM to curb black money is welcome, but implementation is a problem. A snake has fallen over the neck and it is bound to bite. How to treat the wound has to be considered. The issue, as my leader Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao [of Telangana] has mentioned, is how to adequately replace old notes with new.

Are you with the BJP or against it?

We are a regional party. Ours is a new state. Our first priority is the uplift of our state. We don’t want any tussle with the central government. We only offer issue-based support to it. However, we will certainly highlight the problems of people when a discussion happens.

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