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Dawoodi Bohras a patriotic community, expanding trade through honesty: PM Modi

Modi praised the community for being honest, disciplined and law-abiding, and not resorting to deceit while augmenting trade, its main occupation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi exchanges greetings with Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, the spiritual head of Dawoodi Bohra community, at the ‘Ashura Mubarak’ programme in Indore. (PTI)

Calling the Dawoodi Bohra community patriotic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said they have always been committed to shanti (peace), sadbhaav (goodwill) and satyagrah (insistence on truth).

Speaking at Ashara Mubarak, commemoration of martyrdom of Imam Husain (SA), being organised in Indore, Modi said the community’s spiritual head, Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, preaches love and dedication for matrubhumi (motherland).

Modi said, “…Shanti, sadbhaav, satyragah aur rashtrbhakti ke prati Bohra samaj ki bhumika hamesha hamesha mahatavapurna rahee hai. Apne desh-se, apni matrubhumi ke prati prem aur samarpran ki seekh khud Sydena-saab apne pravachano ke madhyam se dete rahe hai (The Bohra community’s role has always been important for peace, goodwill, truth and love for the country. Syedna always spoke about love for the nation, of love and sacrifice for the motherland in his teachings).” Follow Narendra Modi in Indore highlights

Modi praised the community for being honest, disciplined and law-abiding, and not resorting to deceit while augmenting trade, its main occupation. He said the Bohra community has established an ideal by proving how trade and business can grow by following rules and laws, and by being disciplined.

Indore: Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets the Dawoodi Bohra community during ‘Ashura Mubarak’ programme. (PTI)

The Prime Minister said, “I have a special praise for you. Most of you are engaged in trade and business. You have set an example in how business can progress by following rules and laws and by being disciplined. Whereever you have gone, you have carved an identity for yourself and earned respect. Traders and businessmen are backbone of economy because they create job opportunities.”

But, he said, “It’s equally true that not all five fingers are alike. There are some people among us who treat deceit as business. In the last four years we have succeeded in sending the message that things will happen only according to rules. By bringing laws like GST, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code we are providing incentives to honest businesses and Dawoodi Bohras have benefited from it the most.’’

Referring to Imam Husain’s martyrdom, Modi said he sacrificed his life for peace and justice and always raised his voice against injustice and pride. The ideals that he stood far are more relevant today than before, the Prime Minister said.

Talking about his government’s policy initiatives, Modi said cellphone handsets and vehicles are being manufactured in large volumes in the country, thanks to the ‘Make In India’ initiative. He maintained that that there is record investment and the country is growing at more than 8 per cent, which is the highest among big economies. He said the country is now targeting double-digit growth and will achieve it despite the challenges. He also spoke on the national health protection mission that will be launched on September 25.

He said when he took over as Prime Minister in 2014, only 40 per cent households in the country had toilets and the number has now risen to nearly 90 per cent. He praised Indore and Bhopal for their success in cleanliness. He will address industrialists, celebrities and sportspersons, among others, through videoconferencing on Saturday.

Recalling his association with the Dawoodi Bohra community since his days as the Gujarat chief minister, Modi said he has attended many functions and feels like a family member. He said the community has presence in almost every village of Gujarat. He praised the community for practicing cleanliness and its contribution to the Swachh Bharat Mission and looking after its members with its initiatives such as hospitals, community kitchen, and housing. He also mentioned the community’s contribution to the cause of environment and water conservation in Gujarat. He said Syedna Burhanuddin and Mahatma Gandhi met on a train and kept in touch with each other. The two used to discuss incidents and agitations. He recalled that the Mahatma had lived in Saifee Villa during the Dandi March and how the villa was later dedicated to the nation.

Speaking after Modi, Syedna Muffadal thanked the Centre and the Madhya Pradesh government f or extending help to organise the event and said his community has found relief and calm in Hindustan. “We should be thankful that we live in Hindustan,’’ he said, while wishing Modi success in all his initiative. He asked his followers to love the country and participate in its progress. “Don’t fight. Keep your hearts clean. Speak well and behave well,’’ he said.