UK radical plans Delhi march for Sharia; cops alert,website blocked

UK radical plans Delhi march for Sharia; cops alert,website blocked

The group’s head is London-based preacher Anjem Choudary,known for his fiery speeches.

Instructed by Delhi High Court to probe a complaint against two radical Islamic preachers and their website announcing a march in New Delhi on March 3 to press for the enforcement of Sharia,police today said they would not allow any such march.

The website has been blocked and police have alerted hotels against hosting any individual connected to the proposed march or the “highly inflammatory” website.

The group’s head is London-based preacher Anjem Choudary,known for his fiery speeches and self-styled sharia court. Along with Islamic radical Omar Bakri Muhammad — he left the UK for Lebanon in 2005 — Choudary founded the al-Muhajiroun. He was the man behind Islam4UK and referred to Osama bin Laden as his “ameer” who had attained “martyrdom”.

Choudary told The Indian Express over phone from London that the march organisers have already been contacted by Delhi Police.


“I do not believe in Indian law,so there is no question of seeking any permission from the authorities there. We have organised a video conferencing on March 2 with Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad who is based in Lebanon. My visa application is under process with the Indian High Commission here and I expect to get it… We hope to arrive a day ahead of our press conference. But in case we are not given the visa,we will broadcast our address to the demonstration,’’ he said.

“Arabs have failed in terms of Deen (religion) and the call for Sharia is strong from non-Arab countries like Indonesia and India… many of us have been involved with al-Muhajiroun,al-Ghurabaa and Islam4UK,’’ he said.

Though Choudary was born in UK,his father is of Indian origin while his mother is of Pakistani origin. Abu Baraa,

convener of sharia4hind,is a British citizen of Bangladeshi origin.

Asked who were his representatives in India,Choudary said: “After the ban and other issues,we don’t want to talk about our people there. We have substantial support.’’

On his website,he says: “I am not amongst those who believe in the false Gods of Democracy and Freedom or who worship Presidents,Kings and Prime Ministers by obeying them or who submits to any man made law as opposed to the divine law (i.e. the Shari’ah).”

On February 22,Delhi Police received a complaint from one Anil Kumar Yadav that sharia4hind was organising a march in the city. Attached to the complaint were printouts of the group’s website and posters on the Internet.

On the same day,the High Court heard a petition — it was filed by Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga of the Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena — which sough a ban on the march since “this may result in communal clashes and disruption of public peace and order”. The High Court asked the Police Commissioner to investigate the complaint.

Navaid Hamid,member of the National Integration Council,too wrote to Home Minister P Chidambaram seeking a ban on the proposed march and urged him to ask the Telecom Ministry to block the website.

Police said they were seeking the help of intelligence agencies to gather information on people supporting the group as Baraa was not cooperating. “Baraa did not tell us how many would be participating in the march. But the complaint mentioned that 300-400 people were expected,” an officer said.


“There will be heavy security March 1 onward,we do not want to take a chance. Hotels have been alerted and we will have pickets to foil any march to Parliament,” the officer said.

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