Man stage-manages shooting incident to implicate in-laws

Man stage-manages shooting incident to implicate in-laws

Rashid Qureshi was shot at by two youths on Sunday night.

A 26-year-old man allegedly stage-managed a shooting incident on him to implicate his wife and in-laws with whom he has had many problems,police said on Wednesday.

Rasid Qureshi,who is reported to have been running a meat shop in Nizamuddin,was shot at by two youths on Sunday night when he was going for a walk near Nizamuddin Basti.

He was immediately admitted to a hospital and during interrogation,he gave contradictory statements to the police which nailed his role in the incident.

The police have arrested Samimuddin (30),Khizer (21) and Talib (27).

“During interrogation,he alleged that he suspected the role of his in-laws in this incident as they wanted to eliminate him,” a police official said,adding that after his marriage he eloped with one girl in his locality and were detained in Amroha in Uttar Pradesh.


The matter was settled at their own level by both the families. After this,differences cropped up between Rashid and his wife and in-laws. They threatened him to initiate legal action against him and his family if they did not mend his ways,” the official said.

To get rid of them,he hired men and wanted to implicate his in-laws.

“With the help of his relative Summuiddin,they both hired Talib and Anas who has criminal records through one boy Khizar and paid Rs 10,000 as advance,” the official said.

As per the plan,injured Rashid contacted his friend and Talib fired a shot at his thigh and went away. Anas was driving a motorcycle and Talib fired at injured Rashid,the police said.