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‘Jealous husband Tak argued with Laila mom,killed her and family’

3 bodies were stacked first. Blood soaked mattresses and clothes were then dumped over them: Roy

The Mumbai Police Crime branch Wednesday described Pervez Ahmed Tak,the main accused in the murder of actor Laila Khan and her family,as an “insecure” man who could not bear the thought of losing wealth and property,and was upset over his wife’s relationships with other men.

Thirty-five-year-old Tak,the second husband of Laila’s mother Shelina Patel,led police to the site of the murders at Laila’s farmhouse in Igatpuri on Tuesday morning.

“We have been able to recover six human skeletons in a six-foot deep pit. Three bodies were stacked first. Blood soaked mattresses and clothes were then dumped over them. They were then covered with Shahabad tiles,before the remaining bodies were dumped. They were again covered with Shahabad tiles. This was done to ensure no wild animals dig up the place and reveal evidence,” Himanshu Roy,Joint Commissioner of Police,(Crime Branch),said at a press conference today.

“Atleast three skulls have fractures. We have sent the skeletons for DNA study. Until we get the report,we are not going to identify the skeletons. But since the doctors have confirmed that of the six skeletons,one is of a male,it is reasonably likely the bodies belonged to the missing family,” Roy added.


Pervez and an associate Shakir Hussain are the main accused in the murder of Laila,30,her 52-year-old mother,her elder sister Hazmina,32,twin 25-year-old siblings Zara and Imran,and a relative called Reshma,who was also called Tillu.

A blood soaked mattresses,tattered shreds of jeans,synthetic undergarments,a blood-stained knife,and a bag full of clothes too were found in the pit believed to have been a makeshift underground water storage tank in the backyard of the farmhouse.

Laila’s father Nadir Shah Patel had filed a case of kidnapping against Pervez and Asif Sheikh,with whom Shelina had a live-in relationship,on July 5,2011.

Pervez has allegedly told the police he was jealous over Shelina’s affections for other men,and especially for her former partner Asif Sheikh,which led to the heated argument that ended in the gruesome murders. “He (Pervez) has also given a version that the family was migrating to Dubai. He says he did not have a passport and was also feeling ignored,” Roy said.

The Crime Branch began the probe after the police in Kishtwar,Jammu and Kashmir,nabbed and handed over Pervez to their counterparts in Mumbai on July 8. Pervez led teams of policemen,doctors and forensic experts to the farmhouse,where labourers dug through four feet of muck before finding the first body parts.

According to Pervez,the family,which lived in Oshiwara in Mumbai,went to spend time at the secluded bungalow in Igatpuri. On the night of February 9,2011,after a barbeque,music and dance,Pervez claimed he had a “heated argument” with Shelina over her proximity to other men,including Sheikh.

He is alleged to have followed his wife from the bedroom to the living room and hit her with an iron rod (which has been recovered from the crime spot) which eventually killed her.

Pervez and his accomplice Shakir Hussain,who was also the bungalow watchman,then allegedly killed Shelina’s daughters,son and niece,and destroyed all evidence of the crime. The alleged killers then drove to the family’s Oshiwara home,cleaned out all valuables,and returned to Igatpuri. They then scorched the farmhouse floor and walls to eliminate traces of blood before hiring two drivers and taking the family’s cars to Jammu and Kashmir,Roy said.