Cops send 8-yr-old to jail,release his photograph

In blatant violation of rights,the cops sent the son of an accused to prison.

Written by Varinder Bhatia | Chandigarh | Published: April 4, 2012 12:57:48 pm

In blatant violation of human rights,the Haryana Police on Tuesday sent the eight-year-old son of an accused to prison and even released his photograph to the media,despite the minor having nothing to do with the crime his mother and her alleged partner stand accused of committing.

The police have,however,defended themselves by claiming that the boy was sent to Borstal jail in Hisar district as he refused to leave his mother’s side. It all began when the Hisar police,acting on a tip-off on Tuesday,nabbed an alleged history-sheeter Sunil,who was accompanied by Komal and her eight-year-old son. The police also claimed to have recovered a country-made pistol and a live cartridge from their possession. Sunil is allegedly wanted in three criminal cases and faces charges ranging from attempt to murder to unauthorised and illegal use of arms and ammunition.

A press-statement in this regard was issued by the office of Anil Dhawan,Superintendent of Police,Hisar. The statement claimed that “the district police force has arrested Sunil and his accomplice Komal,who were responsible for spreading terror in Hisar city on March 25. The accused were produced in the court and remanded to police custody”.

Police spokesperson Harish Bhardwaj,while talking to Express,confirmed that Komal’s son was with the accused when they were nabbed. On why the child’s picture was also released,Bhardwaj said the minor refused to leave his mother and was thus made to sit with the accused in the picture. On the fate of the child,Bhardwaj said: “Since Komal’s son refused to leave her,he has been sent to Borstal Jail in Hisar”.

When Hisar SP Anil Dhawan was contacted on the issue,he feigned ignorance on the entire episode and said: “The boy is very young,if he does not leave his mother,how could we separate them. Thus,he was sent with his mother to the Borstal jail. As such there are other children also living in Borstal jail.

But as far as releasing the boy’s picture with the accused is concerned,I would inquire as to how this could happen. It is definitely incorrect and I shall get it checked”.

Later in the evening,however,Anil Dhawan retracted from his statement and said: “The boy was with his mother,when she was arrested. We have mentioned it in her arrest-document as well. The same documents were submitted when she was produced in court. I have checked with my men and they informed me that nobody including the boy’s relatives were willing to keep him. Thus,there was no other option but to keep the child with us. The boy was not sent to the Borstal jail. As such,even if the boy had been sent to the Borstal jail,after you pointed out,I will immediately get the boy released from the jail. We are getting in touch with NGOs,so that the boy could be handed over to their custody. If nobody comes forward,we shall keep the boy with us,like our own child”.

A Chandigarh-based advocate Navkiran Singh,however,said: “It is definitely a human rights violation. Ideally,according to the Punjab Police rules,which are applicable in Haryana as well,it is clearly written that the accused’s identities cannot be revealed and here in this case,the police has not only released the accused’s pictures,without covering their faces,but also released the picture of a minor boy,who had nothing to do with the crime. And also,if the boy has been sent to Borstal jail,it is extremely wrong and very serious”.

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