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Coronavirus hits two more Indians on cruise ship in Japan

Last week, three other Indians on the ship Diamond Princess had tested positive for the virus.

The Diamond Princess at Yokohama port. (AP)

TWO MORE Indian nationals on a cruise ship off Japan have tested positive for the coronavirus, COVID-19, and are in hospital for treatment and quarantine, the Indian Embassy said Sunday. Last week, three other Indians on the ship Diamond Princess had tested positive for the virus.

“As per the data released by the Japanese authorities, two more Indian nationals have tested positive for COVID-19 amongst 137 new cases over Saturday and Sunday on board Diamond Princess cruise ship (bringing the total number of cases to 355). Both have been sent to medical facilities for further treatment and quarantine,” the Indian Embassy in Japan said.

“Health conditions of all Indian nationals currently being treated for COVID-19 are stable and improving. Embassy is coordinating with Japanese government and ship management company for health, safety and welfare of on-board Indian nationals,” it said.

“Over the last 2 days, 137 new cases on #DiamondPrincess tested positive for #COVID?19, including two Indian nationals, taken to onshore medical facilities for treatment. Three other Indian crew members, receiving treatment are responding well, with no fever or pain,” the Embassy said.

A total of five Indian nationals have tested positive for the coronavirus on board the Japanese cruise ship. (AP Photo)

It also said that it is in touch with all the Indian nationals who are “successfully braving out the situation”.

The Diamond Princess, docked off the coast of Yokohama, has 3,711 people on board — 132 crew members and six passengers are Indian nationals. Sources said the ship reached Yokohama on February 3 after visiting Hong Kong and Okinawa.

The ship was placed under quarantine after one passenger who had disembarked at Hong Kong on January 25 was found to be infected with the virus on February 1. The quarantine is expected to be in place till February 19.

A bus arrives at the cruise ship Diamond Princess, where dozens of passengers were tested positive for coronavirus, at Daikoku Pier Cruise Terminal in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, Japan, February 16, 2020. REUTERS/Issei Kato

“During this period, the passengers have been kept under monitoring and requested to remain restricted to their rooms. They have been provided with protective masks, medicines, and necessary supplies, including water and food, regular phone and internet services. Some quarantine officers have been deputed by the Japanese government on the ship, including doctors to attend to the needs of guests, as and when required,” sources said.

A passenger wearing a mask stands on the desk of the cruise ship Diamond Princess, as the vessel’s passengers continue to be tested for coronavirus, at Daikoku Pier Cruise Terminal in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, Japan February 13, 2020. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

“We understand that once the quarantine is over, everyone leaving the ship will be screened for temperature and other symptoms related to the infection. Thereafter, people will be free to go to a place of their choice. The managing company of the cruise liner has also announced that the passengers will be refunded full cruise fare including air travel, hotel, ground transportation, etc. Crew members of the cruise ship will be remunerated as per their existing contracts post the quarantine period,” they said.

The Indian Embassy in Tokyo is monitoring the situation and will continue to provide necessary assistance to all Indian nationals on board, sources said.

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