Congress needs to be rebuilt, there’s no seriousness in the leadership: SM Krishna

Congress needs to be rebuilt, there’s no seriousness in the leadership: SM Krishna

SM Krishna joined the BJP on Thursday in presence of party president Amit Shah

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Former Congress leader SM Krishna

A day after former Congress leader SM Krishna joined BJP, he said that the Congress party needs to be rebuilt from bottom to top, but he sees no seriousness in the leadership, news agency ANI quoted him as saying. Krishna formally joined the BJP in presence of Amit Shah and other party leaders in New Delhi.

He was earlier scheduled to join the party on March 15 but he had to postpone it because of sudden demise of his sister. Talking to ANI, Krishna said: “There is no connect between the Congress leadership and the rank and file of the party.”

“All that I needed was respect and periodical consultations, I never demanded any position,” he added. Asserting that he was also in support of demonetisation, Krishna said that he is impressed with PM Narendra Modi’s policy of zero tolerance towards corruption.

Meawhile, the Congress party on Thursday said that SM Kirshna joining the BJP was not a loss for the party. The 84-year-old leader had resigned from Congress on January 29 citing that the party was in a ‘state of confusion’. Krishna has served as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, External Affairs Minister and 19th Governor of Maharashtra.

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