Chandigarh: Electric wire boxes go missing from spot

Chandigarh: Electric wire boxes go missing from spot

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An open electric wire box near Manimajra bus stand. Hardik Abrol

TWO DAYS after the death of 17-year-old Golu due to electrocution near the Manimajra bus stand, around a dozen wire boxes below the electricity poles, including the one due to which the boy got electrocuted, were found missing on Monday. Local shopkeepers informed that a fortnight back, another local man got an electric shock after coming in contact with an electricity pole near Civil Hospital, Manimajra. Meanwhile, staff members of the electricity wing had cut the naked wires and taped them with cello tape hours after the death of Golu just to cover their tracks.

Rajeev Kumar, a fellow curtain seller of Golu, said, “They did it so quickly after Golu’s death that when we went to the spot next morning, we found the naked wires were short and covered with tapes. But, we had clicked the picture of the actual naked wire minutes after the death of Golu and we will submit those pictures to the police.”

Manoj Sharma, another resident of Indira Colony and fellow vendor of Golu, said, “The police personnel of Manimajra police station were hand-in- glove with the electricity department. Police conveyed to them about the death of Golu due to electric shock and they came and repaired the naked wires.”

Vinod Aggarwal, chairman of the Electricity Committee of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, said, “We have been ordered to conduct a probe in this connection. Indeed, wire boxes were missing from a number of electricity poles but they were there during installation. Now, we will check the poles without the wire boxes.”


However, an official with the electricity department said, “There are so many reasons for the disappearance of the wire boxes. Reasons, including drug addicts, who steal wire boxes and earn Rs 50 for each box by selling them to scrap dealers. Secondly, we cannot rule out the possibility of electricity theft through kundi connections from the electricity poles.”