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‘Bombay’ taken to be ‘bomb’, 6 Kerala youths questioned

The six Muslim youths were on their way to a madrasa in Ratnagiri to learn Urdu. On Monday evening, they boarded a local train in Mumbai for sightseeing.

SIX YOUNGSTERS from Kerala had to go through several rounds of interrogation by the police after a railway commuter thought he heard them say “bomb”. After the police interrogated the six Muslim youngsters on their way to a madrasa in Ratnagiri to learn Urdu, they found nothing wrong with the teenagers. There was a misunderstanding when one of the six boys were explaining to someone that they were in “Bombay” and the commuter heard them say “bomb” and reported them to the police. The six were eventually allowed to go.

The incident in question took place on Monday evening when the six youngsters from Kerala were in a train in Mumbai for sightseeing.

They were all from the same madrasa in Kerala and were headed to a madrasa in Ratnagiri to learn Urdu. While they were in the local train from CST to Panvel, one of them was talking to someone in Kerala in Malayalam. Senior inspector of Vashi Government Railway Police (GRP) Suresh Patil said, “Since the person he was talking to could not hear him, one of six boys shouted ‘bomb-bay’. A commuter who heard ‘bomb’ suspected something foul and informed the Railway Protection Force (RPF).”


Sachin Bhalode, senior divisional security commissioner (central railways) said, “Based on the complaint, we handed over the six to the Vashi GRP for further interrogation.” Apart from GRP, even the Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad was apprised of the situation.

We interrogated the six boys and realised that it was a mistake. They boys were actually headed to a madrasa in Ratnagiri from Kerala. We cross-verified the information they provided with the madrasas in Kerala and Ratnagiri and found their versions to be true.”

The officer said that they allowed the six boys to go after their interrogation revealed that there was nothing unusual. “We just made a diary entry and they were let go last night,” Patil said.