Arvind Kejriwal barely goes to office but finds time to watch ‘Sarkar 3’: Kapil Mishra

Arvind Kejriwal barely goes to office but finds time to watch ‘Sarkar 3’: Kapil Mishra

In a Facebook post, the suspended AAP leader accused Kejriwal of "criminal silence" and that across the country he is the chief minister who meets people the least

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Suspended AAP leader Kapil Mishra. (File Photo)

In a Facebook post attacking Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, suspended Aam Aadmi Party leader Kapil Mishra on Wednesday said that the latter “barely goes to office” but has time to watch a movie. In the post, the former Delhi water minister said that even while houses of “friends and relatives” are being raided on a daily basis, Kejriwal, who has cut himself off from the public, goes and watches the movie ‘Sarkar 3.’

Sage sambandhiyo par chhaape pad rahe hai, bhrashtaachar ke roz naye maamle saamne aa rahe hai, janta se poori tarah kate CM bilkul chup, bade dino baad ghar se nikle Sarkar 3 dekhne (Even as friends’ and relatives’ houses are being raided and more instances of corruption come to light, the CM who has completely cut himself off from the public decides after days to come out of his house and watch Sarkar 3),” Mishra wrote in a Facebook post.

In the post, Mishra claimed that across the country, Kejriwal is a chief minister who meets with people the least and also visits office the least. He also alleged that Kejriwal is the only chief minister in the country who handles no portfolio and “works the least”.

Desh ka sabse kam janta se milne vala CM, desh ka sabse kam daftar jaane vala CM, desh ka akela CM jiske paas koi vibhaag nahi, desh ka sabse kam kaam karne vala CM (He is the CM who meets people the least in the country, he is the CM who goes to office the least, he is the only CM who handles no portfolio, he is the CM who works the least across the entire country,” Mishra said in the Facebook post.


Attacking Kejriwal, Mishra further said that the Delhi CM takes leaves whenever he wishes to and that no other chief minister takes as much leave as him. He also said that the way things are progressing, he may become the chief minister with the most corruption charges against him.

In the post, Mishra accused Kejriwal of “criminal silence” and alleged that he has told his acquaintances that people would forget about things in 15 days and that is why they are silent. He ended the post by saying that the people “will no longer remain silent” and will speak up against corruption.

Earlier this month, Mishra had alleged that he had seen Health Minister Satyendar Jain hand over Rs 2 crore in cash to Kejriwal. According to Mishra, when he asked Kejriwal about the source of the money and what it was for, Kejriwal said ‘some things that can’t be explained’. Mishra had even levelled charges against the party’s top brass and challenged them to throw him out of the party. He alleged that there was a land deal settled for the family of SK Bansal, Kejriwal’s brother-in-law. The deal was said to be worth nearly ₹50 crore. Mishra was later sacked as the minister and suspended from the party on the charge of indulging in ‘anti-party activities.’