Air India air hostess falls off plane at Mumbai airport, sustains injuries

Air India air hostess falls off plane at Mumbai airport, sustains injuries

"The woman crew member was closing the door for the push back when she fell from the aircraft, " the source said.

Air India crew member falls off plane, hospitalised
The incident happened on Air India flight AI 864 operating on Mumbai-Delhi route, according to the airline source. (Representational Image)

An Air India (AI) air hostess, fell down while closing the door of a Delhi-bound plane AI 864 at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA), Mumbai on Monday morning at around 6.10 am. Harsha Lobo, 53, sustained serious fractures to her backbone and injuries to her right leg and has been admitted to Nanavati hospital in Vile Parle.

Harsha Lobo fell out of a gap between the ladder and the plane while she went to close the door. “Lobo fell out of the L5 door. She is semi-conscious but had sustained severe injuries. While she went to open L5 to close a step ladder, there was a gap between the ladder and the plane due to which she fell right through,” a source in the airline said.

According to officials in Nanavati Super speciality hospital, the air hostess is currently under observation. “The patient is suffering from right leg compound fracture, fracture in both heels and soft tissue injury in chest, abdomen and lower spine. She also suffered from a sprain in the neck (cervical spine). She is being treated under Dr. Prakash M Doshi, Director of Orthopedics and Traumatology and is currently under observation.” Dr. Rajendra Patankar, COO, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital said.

The airline termed the incident as “unfortunate” and said that it was investigating into it. “In an unfortunate incident, one of our cabin crew (members), Harsha Lobo, fell down on the tarmac from the Boeing-777 aircraft door while closing it,” the airline said in a statement. “Lobo is conscious. She fell down while closing the door of B777 ER at 6.10 am on Monday. The matter is under investigation,” an Air India spokesperson said.

About three years ago, an Air India engineer had got sucked into the aircraft’s engine at the airport here when the pilots started the engines prematurely after mistaking a signal.