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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Horoscope Today December 8, 2020: Aries, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, and other signs – check astrological prediction

Horoscope Today December 8, 2020: Gemini, when Mercury is behaving in such an odd fashion, you must accept plans being cancelled or delayed.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 8, 2020 8:11:58 am
Horoscope Today, December 16, 2020: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, and other signs — check astrological predictionCheck what's in store for you today.

TAURUS (Apr. 21 – May 21)

You must acknowledge other people’s right to go their own way, free from all emotional blackmail or other constraints. Your costs are increasing, so keep an eye on extra expenses. Also, if it’s good advice you’re after, you may need to look no further than someone you live with!

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GEMINI (May 22 – June 21)

There are domestic projects to be finalised, perhaps decoration or minor repairs. You really must complete all outstanding tasks before the end of the week, or at least attempt to reach a suitable stage. It’s all a matter of persuading partners that you’re doing your bit.

CANCER (June 22 – July 23)

Somebody now seems to be indicating that they are happy about a recent arrangement, but you might still have to put future plans on hold. Please do try to be tolerant of other people’s little quirks and foibles. You might think you know what’s best for them, but have you considered that you just might be wrong?

LEO (July 24 – Aug. 23)

We must look at the movements of Venus if we want to see the direction of your romantic and emotional life. Right now, this planet indicates that you’ll be requiring intense commitment and security over the coming months. Passions are rising and hopes are high – but that doesn’t mean they’ll be met!

VIRGO (Aug. 24 – Sept. 23)

You have a reputation for being rather staid, even though you have done enough in your life to persuade people otherwise. Indeed, partners may have cause to be shocked by a sudden burst of energy. Still, why shouldn’t you spring the odd surprise on them?

LIBRA (Sept. 24 – Oct. 23)

Mystical Mercury is making you aware that nothing can be taken for granted. However, any disappointments will be more than compensated for if you actively seek out pleasurable activities and experiences. In any case, you can only gain if you take new enterprises up a gear.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 – Nov. 22)

If you are prepared to pay heed to Mercury’s rather eccentric aspects, you will plumb the depths of your psyche, discovering secrets that even you were unaware of. It’s a time to solve mysteries, asking friends what they think, and consulting the experts.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 – Dec. 22)

In recent weeks, you may have inadvertently alienated people in authority or colleagues who might have been useful to you. On the other hand, there are those who have been deeply impressed by your vigour. Your energy is high at the moment, but you must take care not to burn yourself up.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 23 – Jan. 20)

Some of you have had to put up with a series of delays, disappointments and frustrations for months, if not years. However, please open your eyes to the fact that such suffering is not inevitable. If you have any sense you will tackle a rival on your own terms.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 – Feb. 19)

Even though there will be those who resist any attempt to reach a binding agreement, you must bring pressure to bear on people who are dragging their heels over finances or property. The ball is in your court, so proceed with your normal appreciation of infinite possibilities.

PISCES (Feb. 20 – Mar 20)

The planetary influences for the week incline you towards outward-going social activities while those for today bring out your solitary, hermit-like qualities. This contradiction goes some way towards explaining your confusion. If you feel like spending more time by yourself, then so be it!

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