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Zlatan Ibrahimovic, David Beckham keep friendly bet ahead of England vs Sweden

England will face Sweden in the quarterfinal clash on Saturday with both teams competing for a spot in the semifinal.

FIFA World Cup 2018
Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Beckham have a wager going ahead of Sweden-England. (Source: Twitter)

Ahead of the quarterfinal clash between Sweden and England, former Swede international Zlatan Ibrahimovic has challenged the former England skipper David Beckham to a wager. In a post on the social media, Sweden’s record goalscoring player wrote, “Yo David Beckham. If England wins I buy you dinner wherever you want in the world, but if Sweden wins you buy me whatever I want from Ikea. OK?”

In his response, the former England midfielder and captain turned the tables around and asked Ibrahimovic to join him to watch an England game in the future while donning the Three Lions jersey and eating fish and chips. Ofcourse while also agreeing to pay for Zlatan’s furniture needs. “If Sweden win, I will personally take you to Ikea and buy you whatever you need for the new mansion in LA. But when England win, I want you to come to watch an England game at Wembley, wearing an England shirt and enjoy fish and chips at halftime.”

With both Beckham and Zlatan having played for the football club LA Galaxy, the MLS side on their Twitter announced that the terms of the wager have been finalised. “The terms of the deal have been set,” the football club wrote.

In a response to LA Galaxy’s tweet, Zlatan wrote, “Let’s go”, signifying that the wager is on between the two legends of the game. Sweden and England will face each other in the World Cup quarterfinal match on Saturday.