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Friday, January 17, 2020

FIFA World Cup highlights: Brazil beat Serbia 2-0, qualify for knockouts

Goals from Paulinho and Thiago Silva helped Brazil seal a straightforward 2-0 win over Serbia and advance to the knockouts as winners of Group E.

By: Sports Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 28, 2018 1:58:14 am
Paulinho put Brazil ahead in the first half. (Source: Reuters)

Brazil completely outclassed Serbia in the end. There was a period in the second half when Mitrovic, Tadic and co. put the five-time champions under immense pressure but that seems to have only angered them and they rained down upon Serbia with wave after wave of attacks. Paulinho’s goal in the first half came thanks to a brilliant pass from Coutinho, who has been Brazil’s go-to man in this World Cup thus far. Neymar’s corner in the second half then lead to Thiago Silva’s goal and that sealed the result.


27 Jun

Otkrytie Arena




    • 36’ Paulinho
    • 68’ Thiago Silva

    Live Blog

    FIFA World Cup 2018 highlights: Brazil beat Serbia 2-0


      01:30 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      FULL TIME! Serbia 0-2 Brazil

      Brazil are group winners for the 10th consecutive time in a World Cup. They face Mexico on Monday in their Round of 16 clash. That match is on Monday at 7.30 PM. Over at Nizhny Novgorod, Switzerland have drawn 2-2 against a spirited Costa Rica, which results in them giving up their position as group leaders. But apart from that, no big shockers from this group. Serbia will be dissapointed. They could have confirmed their qualification with a win against Switzerland and now they have been completely outclassed by the Brazilians and knocked out of the World Cup. That's it from us then, but do stick around as we bring more stuff from another extraordinary day. 

      01:22 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      90 + 2 mins

      Neymar to Jesus who is in the box, Jesus lays it off for Neymar who continues his run unimpeded but he can't take a shot as the keeper closes up the space. 

      01:20 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      91 mins

      Four minutes added. Renato Augusto's attempted pass to Willian is behind the Chelsea winger and the Brazilian attack fizzes out, not that they would mind. 

      01:18 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      87 mins

      Neymar receives a cross-field pass and cuts in but he is denied a chance to shoot by a couple of Serbian defenders. Serbia have more possession but there is almost nothing that they are able to do to pierce the Brazilian defence. 

      01:12 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      82 mins

      Willian's cross takes a deflection off a Serbian defender, it comes to Neymar anyhow and he kicks it to the ground, it bounces over the bar. 

      01:06 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      76 mins

      Gabriel Jesus dances about inside the box, tangles with Neymar, dances away to the touchline, turns around and passes it to Fernandinho. Brazil are just passing the ball around for fun now and the crowd us cheering every time they make a pass. Serbia looking completely out of their depth. 

      01:02 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      73 mins

      Neymar charges down the left and provides Coutinho. The latter lines up the shot but it is deflected for a corner. 

      00:59 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      GOAL! Serbia 0-2 Brazil (Thiago Silva 68 mins)

      Brazil stem the flow of Serbian attacks with consecutive corners. Neymar takes the second one Thiago Silva rushes in and takes heads it home. Referee checks with VAR if there was a foul committed by VAR inside the box. There isn't, goal stands. 

      00:52 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      63 mins

      Serbia pile on the pressure. Mitrovic and Tadic taking advantage of Brazil's inability to clear their lines effectively. Brazil somehow hold on. 

      00:51 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      60 mins, BIG MISS FROM SERBIA!

      Allison makes a mess of making a regulation save and it bounces to Mitrovic who only needs to head it into the empty net. But he ends up heading it onto a Brazilian body. 

      00:48 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      56 mins

      Coutinho with a one-two with Willian and he triggers the counter-attack, he passes it to Neymar on the other side. Neymar is cramped for space by a defender by that time, he does find space to take a shot though but it is straight at the keeper. 

      00:44 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      52 mins

      The first time that Brazil looked truly caught out. Ljajic runs towards the Brazilian box, two other of his teammates to both sides. He then attempts a pass to Tadic once he reaches the edge of the box but the pass is behind the latter and he is wrong-footed. 

      00:39 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      KICK OFF, 2nd half

      Serbia kick off the second half. Jose Mourinho had said in a video while predicting the knockouts that Serbia would be out because he wanted Nemanja Matic take a break. Well, it looks like Mourinho might have his way. Sorry, Nemanja.

      00:24 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      HALF TIME! Serbia 0-1 Brazil

      And Switzerland 1-0 Costa Rica. This means that Brazil and Switzerland are both on their way to the Round of 16. We haven't yet had the kind of seismic waves that were released towards the end of the Group F fixtures earlier in the day. Brazil have looked the better side and the quality they have shown means that they really are playing on a different level to Serbia. We have seen some great goals in this tournament but the move that led to Paulinho's goal is one for the purists. Everything about it was perfect, Paulinho's initial run, Coutinho's defence-splitting pass, and then Paulinho's first-time poke over Stojkovic to score. 

      (Source: Reuters)
      00:17 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      45 mins

      Filipe Luis lays it for Neymar who moves towards the centre from the left and makes a rather audacious attempt at the far post. It is curling in and misses it by inches. 

      00:16 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      44 mins

      Serbia win a free kick around 20 yards from goal after Milinkovic-Savic is taken down. It comes to nothing. 

      00:12 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      40 mins

      Serbian corner punched away by Allison. Meanwhile, Switzerland have taken the lead against Costa Rica. As of now, Brazil are Group E winners, Switzerland would be second. 

      00:09 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      GOAL! Serbia 0-1 Brazil (Paulinho 36 mins)

      Paulinho makes a run from deep, Coutinho spots him and makes an absolute beauty of a pass. Paulinho takes it first time and the ball nestles itself in the back of the net. Sensational stuff from the two Barcelona men, Brazil lead. 

      00:04 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      32 mins

      Neymar runs behind a loose ball and is brutally taken out by Ljajic. It was quite a vicious challenge and Neymar rolls on the ground like the wheels of a car to make that point clear. Never mind the play acting, Ljajic rightly gets a yellow. 

      00:01 (IST)28 Jun 2018
      29 mins

      Brazil come close! Gabriel Jesus is released by Neymar's pinpoint long ball from the halfway line, he takes and enters the ball, cuts in to avoid a sliding tackle and takes the shot, it is blocked by Milenkovic. 

      23:57 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      24 mins

      Neymar makes his way into the box and passes to Gabriel Jesus. The Manchester City striker is hounded by Sergeij and Rukavina and his attempted shot is blocked but Neymar picks it up and shoots at a difficult angle. Stojkovic makes a fine diving save. 

      23:55 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      23 mins

      Nothing much happening and we can take this opportunity to evaluate what the equation is once again. As it stands there will be no changes to the table and Brazil go through as Group F winners, Switzerland in second place. 

      23:52 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      19 mins

      The corner is taken short and Serbia get the ball after Coutinho's attempted pass to Neymar is intercepted by Kolarov. 

      23:50 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      18 mins

      A lull in the proceedings with Brazil holding on to the ball in their own half. Things get interesting when Willian plays Paulinho down the right, Paulinho's first cross is blocked, his second meets the same feet and a Serbian defender heads it out for a corner. 

      23:47 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      15 mins

      Brazil break with Neymar who charges down the left, he then makes a long pass to Coutinho on the far side who passes it further out to Willian. Willian's cross is straight to the stands. 

      23:46 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      13 mins

      Serbia asserting themselves after that initial Brazilian onslaught. Kolarov's corner kick is just about headed clear by Brazil, Coutinho heads it straight down to the ground rather clumsily at the edge of the box but there is no bog danger after that. 

      23:41 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      9 mins, Marcelo replaced

      Marcelo is in tears as he limps around the touchline, Filipe Luis gets ready and he comes on in place of the Real Madrid fullback. 

      23:38 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      7 mins

      Willian concedes a free kick after he fells Kolarov. It comes to nothing but it has been a lively start to the match. 

      23:35 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      3 mins

      Gabriel Jesus set free, he is offside by at least two feet but the linesman takes his time to raise his flag. Jesus takes a shot in that time but he is finally ruled offside. 

      23:33 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      2 mins

      Neymar makes his way into the box and passes along the edge to Coutinho to his left. Coutinho takes the shot and it is blocked by Gabriel Jesus who is offside. 

      23:32 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      KICK OFF

      Brazil set the ball rolling in Moscow. They are in their iconic yellow shirt and  blue shorts, Serbia in red and white. 

      23:27 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      The teams walk out!

      A deafening roar as five-time champions Brazil walk out with the Serbians beside them. All those records don't matter in this World Cup. Germany are ranked no. 1 in the world and had the biggest stars in their lineup and they have been dumped out. Brazil will know that the Serbian team they are up against are a tough nut to crack, so much so that calling a winner before this match is a rather risky task. 

      23:04 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      Brian Lara backing Brazil

      West Indies cricket legend is backing Brazil tonight

      23:01 (IST)27 Jun 2018

      Serbia: Vladimir Stojkovic, Antonio Rukavina, Aleksandar Mitrovic, Dusan Tadic, Aleksandar Kolarov, Milos Veljkovic, Nikola Milenkovic, Filip Kostic, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, Nemanja Matic, Adem Ljajic.

      Brazil: Alisson, Thiago Silva, Miranda, Casemiro, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar, Philippe Coutinho, Marcelo, Paulinho, Willian, Fagner.

      23:01 (IST)27 Jun 2018

      Brazil coach Tite is sticking with the same lineup that beat Costa Rica as his team tries to earn a trip to the knockout stage of the World Cup against Serbia. On the other side of the pitch, coach Mladen Krstajic is shaking up Serbia's defense against Brazil's potent attack. Veteran defender Antonio Rukavina is making his first start at this World Cup along with 22-year-old Milos Velkovic, who has just two international appearances. Midfielder Adem Ljajic, who started Serbia's first game and came off the bench in its second, is starting once more.

      22:52 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      Germans felled

      We have had one earthquake already today in Russia; a poor, shaky and indecisive version of defending champions Germany, whose reserve squad won the Confederations Cup in 2017, were defeated 2-0 by South Korea. Not only have they been knocked out of the World Cup, they end the tournament bottom of the Group F table. The last time they could not progress beyond the first round of the World Cup, Germany was being ruled by the Nazis. 

      22:00 (IST)27 Jun 2018
      Serbia vs Brazil

      Hello and welcome to our continued live coverage of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Both Brazil and Serbia (and Switzerland) have a chance at qualifying. 

      EQUATION: Brazil can make it to the last-16 with a draw or win against Serbia. 

      Serbia can also qualify with a draw if Switzerland lose to Costa Rica by two or more goals. 

      Brazil fans enjoy themselves outside the stadium before the match. (Source: Reuters)

      Neymar is likely to start for Brazil in a mostly unchanged lineup against Serbia on Wednesday at the World Cup. Although Brazil coach Tite said Neymar still needs time to reach peak shape, he insisted he is not endangering the striker’s health. “Yes, he will be playing. There’s no sacrifice here,” Tite said. “We want to win but the coach is not going to play around with a player’s health, the price would be too high to pay.”  Right back Danilo got injured in the team’s final training session and Fagner will replace him.