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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Croatia vs Denmark, FIFA World Cup highlights: Croatia beat Denmark 3-2 on penalties, through to quarters

Croatia goalkeeper Danijel Subasic was the star of the day as they beat Denmark 3-2 on penalties. They face Russia in the quarter-finals.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: July 2, 2018 2:42:04 am
Danijel Subasic made three saves in the shootout. (Source: Reuters)

Danijel Subasic and Kasper Schmeichel put up a display of goalkeeping excellence during the penalty shootout and in the end, it was the former that prevailed. Between them, the two made five saves, three for Subasic and two from Schmeichel. It was that one extra save that pulled Croatia over the line. Both sides had scored within the first five minutes of the match but were not able to find the target in the two hours of football that they played after that. Croatia had won a penalty towards the end of the second period of extra time but Luka Modric only ended up finding Kasper Schmeichel, thus forcing the game into penalties.


01 Jul

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium


  • 4’ Mario Mandzukic


  • 1’ Mathias Jorgensen

Live Blog

Croatia vs Denmark, FIFA World Cup 2018 highlights: Croatia vs Denmark highlights in Malayalam and Bengali 


    02:30 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    What a shootout

    Schmeichel made two saves, Subasic made three. This was goalkeeping at its very best. We leave you with this interesting stat.

    02:18 (IST)02 Jul 2018

    Ivan Rakitic finds the target and Croatia will face Russia in the quarter-finals on July 7. One of the most extraordinary penalty shootouts you would ever see in a football knockout game comes to an end. 

    02:16 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    Croatia 2-2 Denmark

    Jurgensen's penalty saved again by Subasic, Croatia through if they score the next

    02:15 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    Croatia 2-2 Denmark

    And now Schmeichel saves! 

    02:13 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    Croatia 2-2 Denmark

    Schone's penalty saved by Subasic! 

    02:12 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    Croatia 2-2 Denmark

    Luka Modric gets revenge for his saved penalty

    02:12 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    Croatia 1-2 Denmark

    Krohn-Delhi converts his, Denmark back in front. 

    02:12 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    Croatia 1-1 Denmark

    Kramaric eases it into the bottom left, Schmeichel says that he feinted and calls foul. 

    02:11 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    Croatia 0-1 Denmark

    Kjaer is the first man to hit the target and Denmark take the lead. 

    02:10 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    Badelj misses!

    Scmeichel saves and cancels the advantage, Croatia 0-0 Denmark

    02:09 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    Eriksen Misses!

    He goes for the left, Subosic dives the right way but it hits the post and away! Advantage Croatia!

    02:07 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    Here we go!

    The ends has been chosen, Denmark will take the first kick and Christian Eriksen who steps up. 

    02:04 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    FULL TIME! Penalties it is!

    Kasper Schmeichel has saved his team once already, he will be called on to repeat the feat. After those twin goals in the first five minutes, the two teams have not been able to find the target. So, for the second time in a day, a match will be decided by penalties.

    02:01 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    119 mins

    Modric, desperate to make amends, takes a shot from the D and it is straight at Schmeichel. 

    01:59 (IST)02 Jul 2018

    ABSOLUTE SCENES IN NIZHNY NOVGOROD! It is not the best of spot-kicks from Modric, low and a little to the left of Schmeichel, he dives the right way and holds on to the ball. For once, the unflappable Luka Modric has failed to find the target. 

    01:56 (IST)02 Jul 2018

    Modric plays in Rebic with a brilliant through ball and the latter is clean through with just the keeper in front of him, he skips pas Schmeichel, Jorgensen takes him down, penalty given. Interestingly only yellow for Jorgensen, Modric stands over it.....

    01:54 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    110 mins

    Knudsen with a long throw-in from the right, it drops to Nikola Jurgensen on the far side but he can't get his shot away. It is not happening for either sides, penalties looms in front of them. 

    01:49 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    107 mins

    Sisto gets into the box with te ball from the left, turns and makes space for a shot at the far post, it is just wide. Mario Mandzukic is taken off for Milan Badelj. 

    01:45 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    1st period of extra-time ends

    And the score remains the way it was in the beginning. Both sides have had periods of possession and attack but, nothing has come out of it. 

    01:44 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    104 mins

    Another corner, Modric hits it at the near post, Denmark clear. 

    01:41 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    103 mins

    Croatia on the offensive, Modric with puts in a cross from the lft and it is just about punched over the bar by Schmeichel. Modric swings in a corner, the attempted clearance comes to Mandzukic but Denmark manage to clear it. 

    01:34 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    95 mins

    Denmark corner, Eriksen takes and it is punched out for a throw-in by Subosic. Knudsen throws it in and Croatia are given a scare before they head it clear. 

    01:31 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    93 mins

    Knudsen has performed three missile throws so far, the latest one from the right flat into the box, it is headed out by Croatia. 

    01:28 (IST)02 Jul 2018

    No goals apart from those that went in the first five minutes and we have another match going into extra time today. Both sets of players with ice-bags over their heads in their heads. They huddle up and break before the two captains do the coin-toss with the referee. 

    01:20 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    92 mins

    Eriksen takes the corner, Subotic punches it clear only for it to fall to Braithwaite who takes the shot first time, just wide of the far post. 

    01:20 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    90 mins

    Three minutes added on. Rakitic with a shot from distance and it curls just wide of the left-side goal post. The game goes to the other side from where Eriksen takes a shot and it goes out for a corner. 

    01:17 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    89 mins

    A couple of monster throw-ins from Knudsen from the left and right. Both of them land in the mixer but come to nothing. 

    01:14 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    85 mins

    Rebic twists and dribbles and losses Knudsen to send the ball in from the right of the box, Mandzukic's shot is deflected wide. The resulting corner comes to nothing. 

    01:13 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    84 mins

    Modric takes the resulting free kick low and Perisic picks up the pass, he takes the shot and that is parried away by Schmeichel. 

    01:11 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    81 mins

    It looks we could have another game going into extra time today. Kovacic wrestles with Poulsen, loses his balance, falls and bangs his face on the ground in the follow-through. That looked like a sickening blow and it looks like he may have taken a couple of injections to recover from it. 

    01:09 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    76 mins

    Modric with a shot from around 30 yards out after a poor Denmark clearance but it is well wide of the target. Moments later, Vrsaljko drills one straight at Schmeichel after a little shuffle through midfield. 

    01:08 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    73 mins

    Once again, Denmark get forward with Poulsen and he is dragged back by Strinic. 

    01:01 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    71 mins

    Once again, Youssuf Poulsen takes down a long ball brilliantly and plays it in to Nicolai Jorgensen. He takes the shot and it is straight at Subotic. Nicolai Jorgensen had replaced Cornelius around five minutes back. Croatia have also made a change with Kovacic coming in for Brozovic. 

    00:57 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    67 mins

    Knudsen all over Rebic near the corner flag on the right of the Denmark box. After a lot of wrestling with the ball just lying around in front of Rebic, he goes down and takes it in his hand. Referee penalises him for handball. Croatia should be careful though, Denmark have a Lannister on their side.

    00:53 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    63 mins

    Perisic makes his way into the box from the left, trying to find space for a shot, Dalsgaard blocking his path. Perisic drops a shoulder, finds space and puts the ball in but it is kicked away by Kjaer. The resulting corner is punched away by Schmeichel. 

    00:51 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    62 mins

    Denmark's dribblers are causing all sorts of problems. Thomas Delaney runs a long way with the ball and reaches the box, he gets to the byline almost before taking a shot that is blocked by Subotic. 

    00:49 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    60 mins

    A long ball from the half way line is taken down brilliantly by Poulsen, he cuts inside goes past one defender, plays a one-two with Eriksen but by that time, he loses control of the ball. That was a gorgeous take down though by Yussuf Poulsen.

    00:47 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    58 mins

    Croatia get forward, Rakitic provides a long-ball to Rebic who lays it wide for Perisic on the right. Perisic puts in the cross, it has too much on it for Rakitic to reach. 

    00:44 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    56 mins

    Finally, one of these two sides decide to do something. Brathwaite gets in and tries to work the ball in, it is blocked by a Croatian defender. He then decides to take the shot himself and it is nowhere near the goal. 

    00:43 (IST)02 Jul 2018
    55 mins

    The start of this half is truly a contrast to the first. Utterly nothing of note has happened. Both sides have had somewhat equal possession. 

    Croatia vs Denmark Live Score FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Streaming: Croatia's coach and captain hailed their "fantastic" World Cup so far and declared themselves ready to beat Denmark on Sunday in a quest to emulate their predecessors' greatest triumph two decades ago. Free-flowing Croatia romped through the group stage with three wins out of three, setting up the last-16 clash with the Danes at the same Nizhny Novgorod Stadium where nine days ago they stunned Lionel Messi's Argentina 3-0.

    "We've played fantastically in the group stage. We must be proud of that. But for this new game, we must forget all that went before," said captain Luka Modric, a 12-year-old when Croatia reached the semi-final in France in 1998.

    "It is a stern test for us, but it is high time that this generation hurdles this obstacle which we haven't hurdled since 1998. I expect us to be capable of doing that ... We are full of self-confidence."

    Though Croatia are favourites on Sunday, and are some people's surprise pick to win the whole tournament, coach Zlatko Dalic said Denmark's solid team play and strong defence should not be under-estimated.

    "We have the highest possible respect for the Danish team. The fact they have gone 18 games unbeaten speaks volumes," he said. "What awaits us is a very difficult match ... The group stage will mean nothing if we do not verify that tomorrow."

    With the exception of a winter-tour squad consisting of home-based players only, the Danes have not lost since a 1-0 defeat to Montenegro in October 2016. Modric, who has already scored two goals, will be expected once again to pull the strings for Croatia from midfield.