Brazil vs Costa Rica FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Highlights: Brazil 2-0 Costa Rica, as it happened

Brazil vs Costa Rica FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Highlights: Brazil 2-0 Costa Rica, as it happened

FIFA World Cup 2018 Highlights of Brazil vs Costa Rica: Brazil score two goals in injury to beat Costa Rica and advance to the next round.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Score, Brazil vs Costa Rica Live Updates
Brazil vs Costa Rica Highlights FIFA World Cup 2018: Brazil beat Costa Rica. (Source: Reuters)

Brazil vs Costa Rica FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Highlights: Brazil had to wait till injury time to score their first goal against Costa Rica and when they got one, they finished with two. Countino and Neymar scored a goal each in the 91st and 97th minute as Brazil beat Costa Rica in World Cup 2018. With the loss, Costa Rica are out of the tournament while Brazil have progressed to Round of 16. (FIFA World Cup 2018 News | Points Table | Fixtures)


22 Jun

Saint Petersburg Stadium


  • 90’ Philippe Coutinho
  • 90’ Neymar

Costa Rica

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    Neymar is in tears. The coach and players are falling on each other out of joy as extra-time goals from Coutinho and Neymar against Costa Rica gives Brazil three vital points. Meanwhile, it is all but over for Costa Rica, who failed to register a win in the competition and stand at the bottom of the table with 0 points. 


    This is all Brazil needed! After 1-0 lead, Brazil got the confidence and launched a complete attack mode! How can Neymar let anyone else take the limelight? He shoots in the winnning goal to register their first win at the Russia World Cup


    GOAAAAAALLL! Brazil take the lead just after six minutes of extra time was added to the game. Coutinho with the final touch gives Brazil the much deserved lead. Costa Ricans are devastated while Brazilians are overjoyed. Tite falls while celebrating. But who cares! Brazil have the lead and that will give them the needed three points, unless Costa Rica produces a miracle.

    Navas the saviour

    Casemiro sends one straight at Navas. Afterwards, Neymar takes a free kick after which Navas punches it away to the other half. He however goes down in the saving act as he crashes with Aguero. 


    Acosta booked for taking too long to take a shot. A lot of time is being wasted and both the teams are running out of it. Only a few minutes left for the match to finish and a draw will help neither side.

    VAR drama

    Referee consults VAR after awarding Brazil with penalty as Neymar goes down inside the box. The referee rules no penalty, no foul after Neymar looks to have pretended to fall backwards. Neymar is not booked.

    Brazil attack - again

    Thiago Silva takes header off Neymar's pass but the effort proves futile. A cross from Casemiro later gets deflected for a corner which is taken by Neymar but it is headed straight at Navas.

    Roberto Firmino at the rescue?

    Liverpool midfielder Roberto Fermino has put on his tracksuit and is preparing to come on the field for Brazil. He will replace Paulinho of Barcelona

    Brazil desperately looking for lead

    Costa Rica have done so far well. They have build a strong defence to disallow anyone into the net. Costa Ricans are on counter-attack. The Brazilians are working hard to take the lead but its just not happening for them

    Neymar vs Navas

    Another Neymar's shoot goes off target as Navas saves it spectacularly by tipping it over. Brazil carry on attacking but can't get past the Navas wall. A minute later, Neymar again sends one flying into the box but it goes to Navas straight.

    Second half

    The second half begins with an attacking Brazil. Tite replaces Willian with Douglas Costa. And immediately afterwards, Brazil make a mess of what would have been the best opportunity so far. Paulinho sends a weak pass and Neymar tries to put it in but Navas already catches the ball to relieve the pressure. 



    Brazil got off to a slow start against Costa Rica, not getting past the midfield of their opponents. A strings of waywards passes and too many free kicks slowed down the match in first half. Neymar started challenging the Costa Rica defenders, running alongside them. But so far, he has not been able to score and find the net. Jesus Gabriel put one inside the box but was caught offside. Costa Rica defended well but posed no challenge to Brazil whatsoever. First half score - Brazil 0-0 Costa Rica

    One minute extra time!

    One minute of extra time and the ball has been in Costa Rica's half. They get a free kick. Final attempt of the first half. Guzman takes the free kick and it is steered away by Casemiro.

    41' SHOT!

    Marcelo finds a pocket of space as he rolls towards his right, and dribbles past Costa Rica defender to take the shot. He manages to hit the target but finds Navas directly. Routine save for Navas. 


    Willian gets the corner and he hammers it way wide from the centre. Brazil players complaint that Paulinho was tripped inside the box during the corner shot, but the referee is hearing none of it.


    Everytime Neymar and Marcelo are able to stitch a move to get the ball inside the box, their crosses towards the right are wasted by Brazil players getting off side. Brazil forwards, Willian, Jesus need to back track a bit and remain alert.


    Neymar got past Costa Rican defence to get inside the box and he passes it to Jesus inside the box, but he has failed to head it inside the box. He was caught off side, anyhow.

    30' SHOT!

    Coutinho takes a shot from 25m out but he has scooped it wide and off-target. Brazil have enjoyed good last five minutes with Neymar running behind Costa Rica's defence. Brazil have woken up.


    Gabriel Jesus nets it behind the goal post but he has been ruled off side. Good pass by Marcelo  to find Jesus inside the box, but the Manchester City forward needed to have backtracked his run a bit. NO GOAL!

    25 minutes - No shots on Target

    Brazil have been wasteful when they have the possession, and have not been able to create any dangerous chances. Neymar once again takes a shot from far away and it is off target.

    22' Jesus has fallen down!

    Gabriel Jesus gets challenged by Borges, and he falls down. Neymar is ready to take the free kick. It is too far away from the goal. And Thiago Silva heads it away from the target. Chance wasted.

    Free kick! again!

    Neymar runs, Neymar gets challenged, Neymar falls down. Brazil gets a free kick. Brazil waste a free kick. Repeat.

    Free Kick to Brazil

    Brazil have a free kick way outside the  goal post. This must be atleast 35 yards out. Neymar and Marcelo all over it. Good cross by Marcelo inside the box but Costa Rica defender Gonzales heads it away. Still no shot on target yet.


    Costa Rica player Borges had a perfect chance to give his side a 1-0 lead. Marcelo had steered the ball towards him with a large gap on offer. But he hammered it over and wide.

    Casemiro injured

    Brazil midfielder Casemiro has been injured and he has gone out to get it sorted. Brazil are effectively down to 10 men at the moment. 


    Neymar puts his name forwards over Willian and Coutinho and he flies it inside the box but it was defended well by Costa Rica. Gonzales clears the ball and the danger has been averted.

    Free Kick to Brazil!

    Willian has started to find his footing and he troubled the Costa Rica defenders to get inside the box. But cross to Neymar was tackled brilliantly by Costa Rica. Willian again got the ball and tried to shoot, before he was pulled away by Bjorn Kuipers. FREE KICK!


    Bryan Ruiz able to find Urena in Brazil's half and he manages to get to the ball. But Thiago Silva was alerted to the danger, and he ensured he slides in to cut Urena off before he gets on one-on-one with Becker.

    3' SHOT!

    Philippe Coutinho gets a shot underway from some distance but he has hammered it way above Costa Rica goalkeeper's post. The ball flies hight up in the air. Earlier, Gabriel Jesus was given a  good pass inside the box, but he failed to hit the shot.


    Costa Rica, in white, kick things off, and the HERE WE GO! Brazil are wearing their away blue jersey. And they have the possession early on as Costa Rica look to defend. So far no chances have been created as Brazil are finding it hard to get past Costa Rica midfield.

    National Anthems

    The rendition of National Anthems of both the nation begin with Brazil and look at Neymar chewing gum while singing National Anthem. It is Marcelo who looks to be determined and the fans look to be hopeful they will see a win tonight.

    Costa Rica National Anthem, and it is once more a South African national delight. They look to be filled with hopes that they can once again script history like they did four years ago, entering the Round of 16.

    Players coming out on the field

    The players are coming out on the field now, and first up we will have National Anthems of both the countries. 10 minutes to kickoff! Things about to get going soon.

    Costa Rica need a draw to survive

    Costa Rica lost their opening match against Serbia. When they take on Brazil, they need to at least push for a draw, as a defeat would see them going out of the tournament. If Brazil win, they will not cement a place in the Round of 16, but a draw or a loss would hurt their chances. 

    Brazil vs Costa Rica Formations

    Here is how the formations of the team will look like tonight. Brazil will start with 4-2-3-1 while Costa Rica are going for 4-4-1 formation with Urena as the sole striker up front.

    Players have reached the stadium

    Brazil and Costa Rica players have made it into the stadium. Wish to take a peek inside the Brazil's dressing room? Go ahead, watch the video;

    Brazil change - Fagner in for injured Danilo

    Brazil made one change to their starting lineup for their second match of the World Cup against Costa Rica in St Petersburg on Friday, bringing in Corinthians right back Fagner for Danilo, who has a thigh injury. Do you want know what happened at Fagner's house when he found he is in World Cup squad? Watch the video below:

    Brazil vs Costa Rica starting XI

    Will Neymar do a Cristiano Ronaldo or a Lionel Messi?

    Neymar has often been regarded as the third best footballer only after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. As he comes out to play for Brazil tonight, one must wonder how will he fare against Costa Rica? Will he scores goals and take his side to win like Ronaldo did, or will he do like Lionel Messi, and not score any goals, to see his side lose.

    Neymar - God Bless us and protect us

    Neymar is praying to the gods before the start of the match:

    FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Score, Brazil vs Costa Rica Live Updates:

    Neymar will start for Brazil. (Source: Reuters)

    Neymar will start for Brazil in a mostly unchanged lineup against Costa Rica on Friday at the World Cup. Although Brazil coach Tite said Neymar still needs time to reach peak shape, he insisted he is not endangering the striker’s health. “Yes, he will be playing. There’s no sacrifice here,” Tite said through a translator Thursday. “We want to win but the coach is not going to play around with a player’s health, the price would be too high to pay.” Tite was expected to use the same 11 players that were held to a 1-1 draw by Switzerland in the team’s opening match, but right back Danilo got injured in the team’s final training session on Thursday and will be replaced by Fagner. Neymar limped out of a training session on Tuesday after appearing to hurt his right ankle. But on Wednesday, the Brazilian soccer confederation posted photos and a video of Neymar training with the rest of the squad and said he was fine.

    (Source: AP)