Forwarded as Received: Who Spilled My Milk?

Forwarded as Received: Who Spilled My Milk?

In which WhatsApp Uncle bemoans the dilution of the first true ‘Make in India’ project.

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Desi drink: Glassful of goodness. (Getty Images)

My family, first of all i want to wish my son… Joshi parivaar ka chamakta chiraag v happy budday!!! Before u came into sansaar, beta Angad, i was lyk raja dashrath… i had good govt job, susheel Mrs, and even one obedient paraya dhan… but you were the true completion of man’s life — MY life — MY SON!!! JANAMDIN MUBARAK to u…

Today toh u r all fancy working in food multinational… but do u know beta swastik and beti neha… ur papa’s passion for job he must say thank u to his papa for :)))))). When he was baby boy he didnt have any ruchi in how all things were made… only in drinking milkshake and eating all delicious foods lyk Mohan’s chips… BUT… ALL THAT CHANGED beautiful Gujarat, which has given country a new Father and helped my son find his karmabhoomi…

On his dasvi saalgira… ur papa was very very angry and throwing tantrums and creating ruckus on train… U see, right after Diwali we were going to visit his bua… my pujya didi ji in Gujarat city of Badodara… but Angad, u wanted to stay and do budday party with ur friends instead of honouring family… First toh i gave him two tight slaps for being non agyaakari… but with his rolly polly face crying… on birthday also… i felt very bad… and U WILL NOT BELIEVE!!!! I said okay… we will go to didi’s house later… and straight from station we took ur papa in bus to see AMUL factory in ANAND….

Bachchon… what beautiful modern India it was… all small kisaan sending milk of holy Bharatiya gau matas… and then most adhunik machine to make all things for all… ANGAD u remember how u drank so much doodh? And what swadisht dahi!!! Even now ur mummy says Amul factory mein jitna piya mere kehne par toh kabhi nahi peeta!!! (mummy toh will be mummy only na).


My family, even till yesterday this company of proud Gujarati kisaan was making me feel garv to be Indian! Even Angad will say… AMUL ice cream and cheese and chocolate is giving takkar ka sangharsh to his videshi company!! I tell all ppl in morning walk that AMUL people are great, its all products we must buy as part of NEW SWARAJ in NEW INDIA!

Now bachchon…under able leadership of Narendra bhai Modi ji and his team lead by Amit bhai Shah ji all India will MAKE IN INDIA lyk AMUL… But only one thing is making me sad… peedhit on my suputra’s saalgira… Shri Dileep who is leader of Gujarat of make bharat grate again party has said that Verghese Kurien was chor!!! Worse, he took money of kisans of AMUL and used it for Dharam Parivartan!!!

Bachchon… mayB u will not understand…AMUL was making all indians proud… it was not lyk capitalism of pashchim or communism of Roos… It was true indian idea for make in India… Only two options r now there…. both are very sad… Cud ex mantri ji Dileep be making up lies and all because Kurien sir was christian atheist?!!!! ANd if he is telling truth, all beauty of AMUL and old great India pe daagh laga hai….

Bachchon… u know i luv NEW INDIA… but i sometimes feel sad that now my family lyk swastik and neha will not enjoy some gud things of early days like ur PAPA did!!!