Forwarded as Received: In the Name of the Nation

Forwarded as Received: In the Name of the Nation

WhatsApp Uncle is confused by these Confucian times.

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Let there be light: Ayodhya was lit up on the occasion of Diwali this month. (Source: Vishal Srivastav)

Bachchon… u all know i luv Bharat Mata even more than all ppls love their family mata… but EVEN I must say to u I have guilt about not being patriotism… I read foreign magazine article that u share beta Swastik. At first toh i thought once more i wud have to giv my shameless pota lecture on Indian values… but bachchon… U WILL NOT BELIEVE?! ARTICLE OPENED MY BOODHA EYES!!!! It showed how CHINA is more powerful and rich than even NEW INDIA… all chinese companies are global Kumbhakaranas (matlab they are giant, not sleeping all the time:))) what a joke!)… IT HAS HUGE ARMY… it has one belt one road… WHICH IS SACHH MEIN NOT ROAD but chakravyuh…. to trap INDIA….

Then bachchon i did more searching on Google… And let me tell u very frankly… IT IS BECAUSE OF ALL LIBTARDS AND ANTI-NATIONALS lyk u swastik that Bharat Mata is being behind darinda dragon!!!

Bachchon… Ancient China had a great rishi called Confucious… and even though Mr 11 is communist, New China also believes in his ideas.. this theory bacchon, is called the “rectification of names”. This means that for a samaj and desh to be awwal number… there must be no confusion about what all things are… nothing must be anti-national!!! And my family… ppl in china do not say hai hai to leaders when they do work to make country gr8.

But here!!! Look at great work of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi ji ki sarkaar… all names of foreign invaders have been removed from roads… gr8 statute which will be world famous is making Sardar Patel great again… but most amazing name correction work is being done by Mahant Ajay Singh Bisht… THE GREAT YOGI ADITYANATH…. Can u imagine that in birthplace of Lord Ram only normal-sized statue of bhagwaan existed? And district of his birth was not Ayodhya but a foreign name of invader?!!!! All true Indians know it shud be AYODHYA!!! Bishtji is following in steps of hon. Chinese rishi — he is not close minded lyk u say beta Neha — he is a TRUE YOGI… HE BELIEVES IN VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBHUKAM even in ideas….. district, statue, airport, hospital all will be have new old names…. ALL CORRECTION OF ITIHAAS WILL BE DONE ACCORDING TO bharatiya VALUES!!!!


But sadly, my family, even all efforts of PM and CM could be for nothing…. It is not their fault… It is the galti of us ppl only… we do not deserve great leaders like CM and PM or amazing statues or good and beautiful holy names for holy place… we are not lyk china ppl… When all  good things happen ppl question, say sickular things and say why waste money.., give jobs and development not new names….

IN TRULY MOTHER-NATION LOVING COUNTRY ALL THINGS ARE LESS THAN PRIDE IN COUNTRY…. Indian ppl are not ready to listen or sacrifice… they deserve wrong names and non -super power ranking.