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Sunday Long Reads: The nature of arts post-pandemic, Pradip Krishen interview, and more

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pandemic, pandemic impact on the arts, art and pandemic, writers, poets, musicians, artists, thespians, filmmakers and architects reflect on the pandemic, eye 2021, sunday eye, indian express newsIllustration: Bivash Barua

Will the arts be dark post-pandemic or will there be light?

When this long season of suffering and darkness draws to a close, how would it have impacted the arts? Writers, poets, musicians, artists, thespians, filmmakers and architects reflect upon the effect of the pandemic on their work


‘It’s a lesson in how not to be sensitive to public opinion’: Pradip Krishen

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Pradip Krishen, Pradip Krishen interview, naturalist, central vista development, urban projects Pradip Krishen, Pradip Krishen archtecture, sunday eye, eye 2021, Naturalist-author Pradip Krishen (Photo Courtesy: Pradip Krishen)

Naturalist-author Pradip Krishen, 72, has been advising the design committee of the Central Vista Redevelopment Project on tree planting. In this interview, he speaks about the original Lutyens’ tree scheme and strategies for increasing the green cover along Rajpath.


How In Treatment scores big where Hindi films and shows fail

Irrfan Khan, in treatment Retell Therapy: Irrfan Khan’s Sunil Sanyal in the show In Treatment

Depicting the act of therapy on screen is a fraught exercise. It can be a mix of many things. Plain voyeuristic, as there’s almost nothing as pleasurable as watching troubled humans channelling our own confused feelings. Discomfiting, when the feelings cut too close to the bone and trigger uncomfortable thoughts. And sometimes plain therapeutic, managing to shed light on what we thought was an intractable problem.


Does charity really begin at home?

suvir saran illustration Illustration: Suvir Saran

The hands that brought me into this world belonged to Prabha Manchanda, one of the top gynaecologists of Delhi. An iconic woman, she was as humane as a human ought to be, kinder than kind, generous beyond measure, and attentive to every detail of life.



Did you know that honey is nothing but bee barf?

Bitter truth: Honey is really nothing but bee barf (Todd Huffman/Wikimedia )

My jar of honey claims it contains “Organic Wild Honey”. Well, on face value, that means we robbed wild bees of their hives and then didn’t do anything to the honey apart from, maybe, filter it, till it became like molten gold or distilled sunlight. As for the “organic” part, well, the process which converts nectar into honey couldn’t possibly be more organic. The more fastidious may want to hold on to their stomachs now because what follows is this: The forager bee zips from bloom to bloom (as many as a 1,000), sucking up nectar from each with her proboscis.


What gift made a South Korean queen feel at home in India

Gifts and mementos have always been an integral part of international relations.

Before Lord Louis Mountbatten left India in 1948, one of his last acts as governor-general was to present a dazzling set of gold-plated silverware to the newly independent nation, on behalf of King George VI. The set had been the cynosure of many a state banquet in the Government House, as the Rashtrapati Bhavan was known then. The largest piece was a cup, nearly three-foot high, whose lid has the figure of St. George and the dragon. There was an ornate bowl and a tray bearing the Coat of Arms, too. The set, one of the finest examples of British craftsmanship, had been originally presented to King George V by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, London.



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