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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Forwarded as Received: For Whom the Boys Troll

WhatsApp Uncle says the world isn’t a football field, and, when it comes to the nation, no one should be caught off-side

Written by Aakash Joshi | July 9, 2018 6:22:31 pm
Whatsapp Uncle GETTY IMAGES

Beta Neha… I remember when u were little girl… always for my happy birthday and Diwali u would get me World’s Best Daadu mugs…. but today… my family… i want 2 say to u all Neha is world’s best grand-daughter!! I wish i cud find mug… U all know that your mummy/daadi had bad cold and fever… Swastik… i know football is fun and all… even i played in Calcutta posting… even now Mr Banerjee will tell 2 u “Sharma ji was best flying goalchee in IT colony”… but is watching other countries play more important than ur own daadi!!! On FB and even on this family group… u never respond to gud morning ganeshji photos i send… but all Neemaar falling funny mimes u send… and then… even saying YAY! messi doesnt like Israel!! Learn from ur sister… spend time with daadi when she is sick… only her pota… vaaris of Sharma parivaar can bring her true joy…

Beta… parivaar is most important… it can be family… us must be no. 1… but it is also country… it is upto u to set right example… we didnt have opportunities u do… but u are only using time to waste… But it is not ur fault… it is sanskaar u are getting from ur parents…Bahu… this children doing social media and some Leftism i cn understand… but elder ppl like us must have some sense… i see u on FB saying why PM and BJP is not attacking Sushma Swaraj trollers?! U tell me… shud mantris be acting like baby boys? And if two people have fight, shud all party and sarkaar get involved?? Politics is not some brazil-mexico match that all will shout like ur son…

Hon. Sushma ji’s ppl in ministry transferred patriotic official trying to prevent love jihad… doing questioning and investigation of suspicious couple… forget hindu-muslim…. can u imagine if u had not become Mrs Sharma?? What all would society say?!! That lady didnt even take her new family’s name…. shame shame. U see swastik is learning all this from u… our family has different values… We know PM is elected by ppl…he is head of indian family and head of family deserves sammaan… not ur sarcasm…

Sheetal… u know u r like my daughter… u want to do feminism and say dont abuse sushma ji… i understand… i also respect her too much… when she said she wud shave head and live life of vidhvaa before letting foreign ppl be PM i said WOW! This is indian maryaada… true padmaavat of modern india…its okay to say dont abuse…. but why ask all others to say hai hai when love jihad is involved… this is how harmonious family is hurt.

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