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Saturday, December 14, 2019

WhatsApp Uncle on raising high fees in JNU and the Mahabharata

Could the agitating ‘commie’ students of JNU be in the right? WhatsApp Uncle answers.

Written by Aakash Joshi | Updated: November 24, 2019 7:34:02 am
jnu, jnu protests, jnu protests, jnu protests whatsapp unvle, sunday eye, indian express, indian express news JNU Students protest outside UGC against fee hike in New Delhi on Wednesday. (Express Photo by Praveen Khanna)

My family… today i am remembering Mahabharat tales for many reasons… Great history of Lord Ram is good for understanding all good things… how to be good father good leader good son good husband good Big Brother…. BUT MAHABHARAT IS BOOK FOR UNDERSTANDING ALL REAL THINGS OF LYFE AND PROBLEMS OF SOCIETY…u see let me tell u very frankly… even in NEW INDIA where it shud be RAM RAJYA we have BATTLES AND POLITICS LYK MAHABHARAT…

My family… lyk young eklavya i also wanted gr8 education.. i crossed 4 rivers, 3 fields and 2 desert to get to govt school…. i studied for exams in LALTEN… and i became hero of village when i went to govt college…
TODAY all say, vah joshi ji vah!!! What name and fame u hv kamaoed!!!! But lyk Dharmaputra Yudhishtir, i am also inside dharma sankat…. On one hand JNU IS ANTI NATIONAL PLACE WHERE ALL TUKDE TUKDE GANG IS THINKING ANTI NATIONAL THOUGHTS…. But tell me bachchon… shud sarkar not give good nationalist education to ppl from not rich homes.?!!!! Beta angad, u will toh remember… ur daadu (swastik, Neha,… he wud be ur double daadu… WHAT A JOKE!!:))))) was not some richie rich…. but he always wanted me to hv education.. he was so proudy when i got degree… u will not believe… he sold 2 buffaloes to buy me ghadi…. i
still have…

So many parivaar r sending children to get education… ppl from nationalist party r saying HEY! IF IIT CAN PAY WHY CANT COMMIE ARTS STUDENTS…. bachchon… real question is why any1 shud pay…. sarkar is taking so much taxes… why for!!! My family… gr8 thoughts and mahapurush do not always hv lots of rokda… when they were in Dronacharyas gurukul the KURUS were royal bigda bachchas… they had all money and power and support of king Dhritarashtra… Poor sons of dead daddy Pandava were not fancy… but they had proudy in their culture and they wud be hardworking…. what if Drona ji had said no no… all must pay high hostel fees and mess fees lyk ppl r doing in Parashuram’s gurukul… why baby arjun should get concession?!!!! Bachchon, this wud not happen… in ancient Bharat all cud get education….

Even Great Yudhishtir-Arjun-Krishna-Bhim of today… Loh Purush Bharat Mata rakshak pradhan sewak lion of gujarat builder of unity statue tiger of Balakot bane of Babri uniter of Kashmir Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi ji had subsidised sarkari education… he has degree in ENTIRE POLITICAL SCIENCE from prasidhha Delhi University…. Hon Finance Minister Shrimati Nirmala had sasta shiksha at JNU ONLY!!!!!
U see, bachchon… problem with JNU isnt fees… even ABVP says… it is those who do talks against NEW INDIA… but if it is made too mehenga… maybe we will lose many Arjuns… or even more anarth…. More Adarniya Modi jis…

This article appeared in the print edition with the headline ‘High Fees, Fie, Fo, Fum’

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