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Monday, February 24, 2020

Forwarded as Received: Striking When the Iron is Hot

WhatsApp Uncle rises above petty politics and stands by Bharat mata and Bharat sarkar in fighting enemy nation.

Written by Aakash Joshi | New Delhi | Updated: March 3, 2019 6:00:02 am
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JAI HIND MY FAMILY!!! Today i do not want to tlk about MOdi ji, Yogi Mahant Bisht mukhya mantri or even the stupendous Amit Bhai Shah ji… Bachchon im not only 1 that is not doing politics and is standing by Bharat mata and Bharat sarkar in this time of dangers and fighting WITH PAKISTAN… all vipaksh netas of Congress party and all r also doing the same….

U see bachchon…. all good indians r together when it comes to protection of motherland…. no one is saying, HEY! IS THIS ABOUT CHUNAAV? IS THIS SOME SHADIYANTRA? No ji… only some fools on social media r saying… IGNORE TWITTER FOOLS my family…. at this gambheer samay, all must not be distracted by ppl trying to break india….

Bachchon all talk of dharm, jati and aarakshan is fine for regular times… when we r building NEW INDIA… but to attack indian ppls from Kashmir is WRONG!!! This is time for UNITY not ATTACKS… even Pradhan Mantri ji, shishya of GREAT HINDUTVA-WAADI Guruji Golwalkar has said that all Kashmiris and Indians r one… they r not enemy… there is also pic Modi ji doing fun chats with two Mohemaddan mitron in Delhi metro…. Oh what fun! From Corbett to Connought place!:))))))

But my family…. there r some ppl in India who confirm that we r in middle of kalyug!!! U see, best yug was sadh yug  where all were lyk gr8 rishis — all wanted knowledge and spirit uplift!!!! — NOW WE R IN WORST YUGA WHEN ALL WANT PROFIT ONLY!!!!

Yesterday, i said to ur mummy/daadi… aaj dont cook in all this tension… lets order on http://www.burgersigh … and all other delicious indian foods and fusion mixture foods… my family U WILL NOT BELIEVE!!!THEY WERE GIVING PROMOTION OFFERS on conflicts!!!!! 1 place toh even had an ashleel code…. FPAKGAIN!!!!!! IS THIS HOW NEW INDIA WILL HONOUR SOLDIERS?!!!!! my family…. my head hangs in shame… i did not know young make in india ppl would go against india to make few extra rupeesss…. so cheap,,, so sad :((((

Bachchon… till now toh i thought all anti-nationals r with libtards and in JNU and others communist and terror ppl… i though oh good, lets take deshdrohis and put them in sedition ki kaal kothri… now i realise enemy can be where u least expect it… in times when they shud be thinking of CRPF boys and army and airforce… these ppl r trying to make jokes and money. there is not somthing black in the lentil soup…. it is maa ki daal… and some anti-nationals are in it for the money.

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