Forwarded as Received: Wait and Watch

Forwarded as Received: Wait and Watch

In which WhatsApp Uncle tells the young ’uns a thing or two about ‘freedom of expression’.

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Reel Life: A still from the Omung Kumar-directed forthcoming film PM Narendra Modi

Swastik and Neha…dipaks of my eye…chirags of Joshi vansh… I am very proudy that u r taking interest in politics and the FUTURE OF BHARAT MATA… im also filled with garv that u will both vote… BUT I AM ASHAMED THAT U R TRYING TO BREAK THE SAPNA of NEW INDIA!!!!!!!! Why my grandchildren u r so happy about beautiful cinema of hon Pradhan Sewak Sarvashresht Chowkidaar Narendra Bhai Damodardas Modi is being stopped?!!!! Why u hate NaMo TV?!!! Is my OWN FAMILY part of tukde tukde gang… will I have to hang my head in shame when all retired ppl have samosa during morning and evening walk????


Beta Swastik I know u think u r very buddhijeevi and cunning like Foxy in Panchatantra stories… that’s why u r sharing blog of Loh Purush Marg Darshak Mandal sadasya Lal Krishna Advani… But bachchejis paathshaala ke tum chhaatra ho uske hum Principal reh chuke hai… Now toh Advani ji is saying all democratic and all… But u know what he said during his younger days… when he took a rath for Shri Ram all over India like a Shiv avatar! He said “KYA COURT HUMEIN BATAYENGE HUMAARE BHAGWAAN KE BAARE MEIN?”!!! MANDIR WAHI BANAYENGE!That is real love for divine and divine land of Bharat Mata…That is how ALL TRU INDIANS protect mother-land…

I know my family, that Nirvachan Sadan is v important and right during elections… But do they have right of all?!!! r they NEW HITLERS of old India?!!! They hv said no one can see great film on life Chakravartin Chowkidar Modi… then they r even stopping all beautiful and susheel and sanskari programmes on how gr8 Modi ji and deputy chowkidaar and Sahib Assistant Amit Bhai Shah ji have made NEW INDIA…

WHY U ALL QUIET NOW>?!!! Dont bhakts of Modi ji and India have RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH!!! U all have all problems when anti-national films like Padmaavat and all are controlled for good of ppl and to protect Bharatiya culture….
My family… I hv lived long… Bharat has changed in last 5 yrs… u all and all others in court and media and EC must realise that all old things r gone in NEW INDIA…. Maybe beautiful film with Suresh Oberoi’s son is only seen after chunaav is over… and all Namo tv programmes can only be seen on internet and facebook and whatsapp… BUT WITH POWER OF PPL and BONDS OF GOOD BUSINESSMEN NEW INDIA WILL WIN….

Bachchon… dont try to fight itihaas… dont try to fight nations destiny… these r games of vidhi… and where will U all go if after all this Commissions and campaign… Modi ji is back? U r not Nirav Modi… U have to stay in New India