Forwarded as Received: The Season of Ingratitude

Forwarded as Received: The Season of Ingratitude

When your own people fail you, what can you do, asks WhatsApp Uncle.

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What Next? Come election season, farmer distress remains just a hot topic. (Express photo by Gajendra Yadav)

Aaj bachchon…my family…I AM ANGRY!!!! Mere kalmoohe pote ne meri naak katwa di! Swastik i hv seen on FB ur tattoo and ur lambe bikhre baal lyk u r some sort of paschimi Baba Ramdev…Yes beta…U hv his looks…BUT U DONT HAVE HIS SANSKAAR….

Angad…i dont know what upbringing u r giving ur nithalla son. This young whippersnapper has put on FB and Tweet that Brahman aadmi r all wrong!!!! That we have all amazing life and dont deserve aarakshan!!! That we are EXPLOITERS!!!!!

I found out about this anarth in WHATSAPP GROUP!!! ALL old pandits of UP and UTTARAKHAND UPSC group it is…and Shukla ji shared tweet…said who is this Vatika oil model jaat drohi?!!! My family..i cud not say, my head hangs in shame!!!

But then something even more aashcharyajanak than Brahman-virodhi pota happened…discussion on WHATSAPP group became against Mahant Ajay Singh Bish Yogi Adityanath ji!!!! All were saying yes…Pandits r attacked…not given their hissa in satta and sarkar…but u know what they told?!! That Yogi ji and even Rawat ji in Uttarakhand doing Thakur-vaad!!!! Bachchon…I tried to to explain….Sarkar is building Ram Temple…they even have told mananiya Supreme Court…. But my family…let me tell u very frankly…they all said JOSHI JI IS WRONG!!!! He dont know about real of UP!!!!! And Sharma ji toh went too far…He said only real pandit of Indian politics was NEHRU JI and INDIRA JI!!!!!! And now many Dwija are happy that Priyanka beti has joined!! One fellow toh even said Mayawati has given best sarkar of UP after ND Tiwari babu!!!


When mandal and all happened… we all thought oh no!! jaativaad has come… But if all general category is fighting with each other what can we say? U see all efforts by Modi ji and Amit bhai Shah ji ppl are not appreciate… They say Ram Temple, ungratefuls say job, they say protect gau mata ungratefuls say farmers are in peedha… they show economic growth… some ppl say no note!

U all may not know, but there is ancient custom of hinduism. All rulers… all chakravartin samraats of Bharatvarsh have power and ruling skill but they cannot be accepted without blessing from the gods. Respected raja must be sanctified by pandits….In modern times, we have forgotten these age-old vedic and shastric prathaas…. Now i am realising that they are important… Other parties can do all jaativaad and sudo secularism…. But for hindu party to rule, they need to have Pandits on their side… Thakur Ajay Singh Bisht must understand this….. And swastik must keep his anti-family views to himself.