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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Forwarded as Received: The Final Countdown

This chunaav season, the real agni pariksha is not just for the incumbent party, but also for the janta janardan — the voters.

Written by Aakash Joshi | Updated: March 17, 2019 6:30:55 am
voting, election season Photo: Wikimedia Commons

My family!!!! THE TIME HAS COME… all ppl will do talks… we all will argue… sickulars will say all low politics is happening.. they will do vichaar about IDEA OF INDIA WHICH IS VIDESHI :))))) BUT IN THE END… it wont be tukde tukde gang of communist college or all anti nationals who give the final faisla… IT WILL BE REAL INDIA THAT WILL SAY ALL ABOUT NEW INDIA…

Yes my family… for 70 yrs Bharat mata was neglected, gau mata was neglected, all savarna were neglected and even our brave soldiers were neglected…

But now nirvachan sadan has said, time for test… i see on all fb and tweet and even on this grp that u all r not all ho ho ho… all say rozgaar and gareebi and all… but my family… u all maybe educated and in big city… but lutyens type r not understanding the real reason of greatness of Narendra Bhai Modi ji, Amit Bhai Shah ji and Mahant Thakur Ajay Singh Bisht ji

Angad, my son, my vansh ka chirag… I know u r in big multinational so u only care about investment and ur own bonus… swastik… u r college student… u only care about doing fun and frolic and future job… beti Neha u r young and susheel… u want safety and azaadi… and u all have mohameddan and christian and non-general category friends… so u say all bad only has happened…

But my family… u see… let me tell u very frankly…U ALL DONT UNDERSTAND NEW INDIA!!!! Yes bachon… i know u r saying, hey! what does old daadu know… but u ppl dont understand wisdom of old age… u dont see that all world, even local RSS branch head come to me and want to do Joshi ji ke saath mashwara. Its okay, old ppl r forgotten, that is only vidhi ka khel:(((

Bachon, if all tv pandits had asked real pandit about Modi ji and Sangh ka great growth i wud hv told all… u all dint ask, but i will tell cuz u r family!

U see bachon, u all, ur generation in city is selfish… u all want all good things, but no sacrifice… u all want only to take from Bharat Mata but not give back. But in REAL INDIA ppl know that they have to sacrifice… to samarpit themsevles to the motherland… and we have all done so much samarpit.

First, we did samarpan of all comfort and money for getting rid of kaala dhan and all terrorism and naxals with note bandi… yes, all things r still there but there was samarpan… all youth has less jobs and all… more samarpan… then on GST, all shopkeepers and all also had to do a little for motherland…

Even now, for pride of Mother India there was talks about jung with Pakistan and even nuclear bomb…. so amazing samarpan that was!!!

This chunaav is a real agni pariksha bachon, not just for great india saffron party… but for all of us… do we want hindu rashtra, new india of sacrifice… or old, slow dheela desh where we want peace and to take everyone… even outsiders and ppl who dont love cow… along?

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