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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Forwarded as Received: That’s a Sport

Rahul baba may not be a good politician, but no matter, says WhatsApp uncle. His heart is in the right place.

Written by Aakash Joshi | Updated: July 22, 2018 6:01:01 am
Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi controversy Listen to me: Rahul Gandhi. (Source: File photo)

Bacchon… my family… har baap dada has only one sapna that someday, our children do better than us… that future generations sarrpass and build imaarats of kamyaabi with foundations of our struggle… now, beta Anagad, swastik my vansh can do all thanks to Modiji… he has brought make in India, start up, digital… Our hon PM has no family… we ppl are his children and grandchildren and great grandchildren…

But there is one parivaar that has ruled Bharat since 1947… would pandit Nehru be proudly like me?! Would he say yay Emergency… well done Indu… NEVER…. then there is Shah Bano by young Rajiv and BOFORS…

Everybody’s thot… me also… that Rahul will be even further sliding. When we look at Narendra Bhai Modi and Amit Bhai Shah ji, all day we think, hey… this young whippersnapper has spent all years as MP but he can’t win and only BJP knows India….

Bacchon… Rahul beta i agree shud not be in politics… like all, I also thought he was dumbo that’s why. but now I think it’s because his heart is too good… he is too pavitra and susheel for rajneeti…

I saw this Sacred Games with beti Neha… I have learnt one thing… Angad! U hv given my poti no sanskaar… she looks at ashleel language and EVEN — ruko… I can’t even say it in front of young ones… don’t want to say… there are persons with wrong parts in no clothes!! U know what ur daughter says Sheetal? 1st time India has world class drama series… tell ur children plz, watch Ramayan and Mahabharat, they will know of greatest drama serees in all of shrishti…

In 1st episode only a criminal murderer gangster call Rajiv Gandhi so many bad abusive words…. Nawazuddin is good actor… this time too too good.

Congress ppl of course did case… but Rahul, who lost his papa at young age did not get angry… he said on tweet… no case, no outrage… we all know what my father has done for nation….now his party has also taken away case.. I know what all political experts will say… that Rahul is fool for not using his only asset… his family.

What is most dukhdayak bacchon, is they r right… in politics can u be a gracious like Mata Teresa? Bhola rahoge to vanvaas hi milega… modi ji, yes…. he can rise above… but others don’t hv all… so how will Rahul survive? In dirty game u play by niyam of kalyug, not sadyug…

Yet he doesn’t play that way… Bachhon, who of young genre ration has this mature nature?! On road they are all abusing… on bus and metro, they pretend to be asleep so they don’t have to give seat to old persons..

Rahul may not be good politician… but he has shown he has a big heart. May be it is time for others to learn from him… not answer abuse with abuse but with dignity…. that way, new India Modi ji is building will have sabka saath sabka Vikas quickly…

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