Forwarded as Received: Path Less Taken

Forwarded as Received: Path Less Taken

WhatsApp Uncle talks about how the road to knowledge and votes is paved with difficulties.

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Bachchon, there is an old doha I heard from my bhaiiyya ji’s pota… it must be ancient wisdom from Hindu rishi muni… it is about two Pradhan Mantri grameen sadaks in a dandakaranya forest and ancient sages took difficult one… not that all sadharan log lyk u walk…. and it is this that gave true vidya and enlightenment… OH! WHAT WISDOM!! U see my family… all of us want to enjoy in Dusherra and Diwali… all of u must be doing fast… I know beta Swastik… ur photo on FB of filling ur cheeks with Gol Gappa must be frm before Navaratras…then u must be buying all new clothes and doing puja lyk all good Indians….

But bachchon… this time of festivals is not just time for enjoying puja paath!! That u can do everyday by praying to new and anokha whatsapp images of bhagwan and recordings i send on whatsapp everyday… to all separately and even in group. But is puja paath real religion?! Is watching ram leela and enjoying a nice sanskaari picture and eating mithai and doing rangoli party on Diwali the path to be good Hindus and Bharatiyas?? Or is it still the path of sadharan ppl?!

My family, puja paath and fast is important… even now ur daadi is fasting and she is still pati-vrata… what swadisht chai and poha she has given to me just now even while her vrat is making her weak… all my bahu-beti-potis must also do like her… But we all must also ask bigger questions… Foreign returned anti-national Shabdkosh Shashi Tharoor has said no real Hindu will want Ram Temple built…Bachchon… U WILL NOT BELIEVE… Other ppl who are not Mohemmadan also said like that to me during morning walk… they say, “arre Sharma ji, petrol bharwane ke paise nahi hai toh Mandir kya khaak jayengee?”… One jogging whippersnapper also said me that job is more important than temple!!


U see danger i am talking about… all want easy life… but ancient gurus have taught us that moksha is in difficult path… All great ppl who want to be like Ram avtaar and live by his marayada and purushottam-ness must walk on dandakaranya difficult path… not on easy escalators of Rajiv Chowk metro station… Look at honourable PM SHRI NARENDRA BHAI MODI WHO FOUGHT AGAINST ALL ODDS and now ppl in Madhya Pradesh from BJP say he is avtaar of Vishnu… new Rama…

Beta Neha… before u say this is all hindu team favouritism, remember we all believe world is one family… Even billionaire inheritor Donald bhai Trump had faced all odds… Hindu brothers do puja of his also…

My family… dont be mann mohit by Tharoor-type foreign words and morning walkers in parks…. remember… take path of sages and new avatars.