Forwarded as Received: Ours Not to Reason Why

Forwarded as Received: Ours Not to Reason Why

Why WhatsApp Uncle won’t talk politics on this holiday.

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Blowing in the wind: Are farmers ready for new India? (Source: Express Photo by Divya Goyal)

My family… i cannot tell u how much harsh, happiness and joy i am feeling…. All of us will be together on the holy days of Navaratri… Oh beta Swastik, u think all this kale-shale salaad and ghatiya anaaj ka pasta u eat to impress lady friends is making u healthy… MY GRANDSON WAIT TILL U HV KUTTU AATA ROTI… the swadisht chole… and HALWA! All ur fancy hotels u will forget…. Every navratri time is special and divine bacchon… but this time we will go to our GAON… to REAL INDIA and I can tell you all about amazing stories of how I had to cross many rivers and streams and roads to go to school…. Can u think of better way to spend puja holidays?

For first time since my pota-poti are inter-pass, all family is going back.. So beta Angad, bahu, Swastik, Neha… I must give u all warning. You see bachhon, let me tell you very frankly my bade bhaiyya, your tauji and bade daadu, is making me anxious…. he is a man I used to respect most in world… he was a fauji, he fought for nation and now does big kheti in gaon. He does not even have to pay tax, living in old home and loving all nature and fresh food and pure cow ghee and milky products. He is REAL INDIAN in REAL INDIA….BUT U WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT HE SAID!

On phone he told, “Chotte, ye Modi sarkar bahut bura kar rahi hai.” Yes my family… MY OWN BROTHER DOES NOT BELIEVE IN NEW INDIA!!!!!! So bacchon… please be savdhaan.. politics is a game that breaks all… if Swastik starts his sickular anti-Udyog bakwaas and my bhaiyya becomes on his team… rest of us will lose… auspicious family time of Ramayana victory will become destruction of Mahabharat…

Don’t worry too much… i will explain him on holiday and all will be okay… U see he says that first notebandi ruined season because of market being all darpok and cashless… then all workers are scared of violence… then he says all old cattle is collecting, he can’t afford medicine and cannot buy new animals… Now he is complaining that in Delhi farmers are not even listen by sarkaar when they protest, not even let into city… Jai jawan is fine and all… but what about Jai kisan? When i tried to explain him all good things he said I WAS CITY BOY!?!!


U see my family, bhaiyya thinks I am a baby boy and not grown up… he is not understanding lyk me. I said to him, “Itna kyon complain?!!! Look at India abroad, we are more famous…” And why is he saying all money worries about Gau mata… our own mother toh hi took care of without ever complain…

Bacchon, u see these old ppl cant see change happening… they have to be told slowly…. so plz… on chutti… no politics talk… my brother is simple kisan… Real India will take a little waqt to understand New India.