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Friday, November 27, 2020

Forwarded as Received: Identity Crisis

Why should WhatsApp Uncle have to prove his citizenship to anyone?

Written by Aakash Joshi | New Delhi | January 5, 2020 6:01:28 am
WhatsApp uncle, NRC, CAA, Mann Ki Baat, citizenship, Hindus, Muslims, Eye 2020, Sunday Eye, Indian Express, Indian Express news Paper Trail: An anti-CAA protest at India Gate. (Photo by Abhinav Saha)

Bachchon…. u all r thinking hey… all week we r having party… why old dadu is bothering us in NEW YEAR!!! WILL HE GIVE US MORE LECTURE NOW ALSO>?!@@@!!!

No my family… i am not going to be senti buddha… i will not even say that my own son had new year party and didnt invite… clearly nithalla angad has forgotten how i gave him whiskey-soda after he got job…. Ur daadi and I had own party… i even allowed her ladies drink shandy…. But my family… I CUD NOT ENJOY… my mann has been vichlit since december of last decade only… it is having khujli about some one else’s mann ki baat

Bachchonadarnaiya pradhan mantri vishwa hindu hriday samrat sardar patel part 2 boss of chanakya chakravartin sewak of janata shri narendra bhai modi ji is most famous and best indian… he is sharing his gr8 thoughts with all on programme mann ki baat… u all toh know i listen every month,,,

BUT SOMETHING IS CHANGING…. BACHCHON… PM IS THINKING WE PROUD SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF BHARAT MATA R NOT LOVING SANTAANS!!???!!!!!!! He is saying about duty…. he is saying forget adhikar… only do bahishkar of pakistan…. prove ur nagrikta….

But now,… bachchon.. my deepest emotions r deeply hurt…. i dont hv birth patri or other school certificate… all r lost in shifting for govt service… AND SARKAR WANTS TO ASK ME ABOUT CITIZENSHIP… NOBODY’S FATHER CAN TELL ME ABOUT MY MOTHERLAND….
i KNOW U WILL SAY THERE IS NO NRC … PM HAS SAID… but my family… Modi ji and Shah ji are promise-keeper not promise-breaker…… they gave vachan in manifesto about NRC and CAB… About 370 and Kashmir… R U SAYING BJP IS LIAR?!!!!!

Bachhon.., india is land of VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBHAKAM…. all leaders of india r saying…. u all only tell to me…. IN WHAT VEDA IT SAY  VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBHAKAM….. but no mohemaddans allowed?!@!!!!!

MY FAMILY…. U ALL TOH KNOW… i am happy hindus r having pride after 1200 years of ghulami…My family… u all toh know…. I LOVE BHARAT MATA AND DO ALL DUTY FOR HER…. in notebandi time i stood in line for SOLDIER… in GST TIME i said yay! Tax aaya!!!!! WHEN YOUNG PPL WASTRELS IN COLONY SAY I WANT JOB… i say SELL PAKODA…or even better…. OPEN GAUSHALA….

WHAT DUTY I DO SO THEY SAY I AM INDIAN!!!!? Bachchon… all lyf i have given in govt service… never took rishvat…. for 6 yr i have supported…. aage also i will support….  BUT MODI JI MUST UNDERSTAND MY MANN KI BAAT ALSO…. HE CANNOT SAY I AM URBAN NAXAL:)))))) I hv done all duty of Indian and hindu… all sanskaar of dharma and nagrikta… BUT MY RIGHTS R MY RIGHTS… THEY R IN SAMVIDHAAN

PM ji will surely listen to my mann ki baat.

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