Forwarded as Received: Highway to Heaven

Forwarded as Received: Highway to Heaven

Why are faithful patriots on bikes being questioned? WhatsApp Uncle wants to know

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Piety in public: A kawariya in New Delhi (Source: PTI)

My family!!!! What a beautiful climate we are having!!! Even ur old daadu is becoming kavi shresth!!! “Saawan ka maheena aur libtards kare shor, par koi farak nahi padta, kaawar naache jaise mor:)))))”. I know u r saying… wow! All ppl in retired govt servants whatsapp grp also said… Amazing Joshi ji, What a poetry!!!!

There is air everywhere with moisture, rains are washing all Mother India… but some people’s anti-Hindu thoughts cannot be cleaned…. Yes my family… lyk every year u all hv disappointed…. Beti Neha… why u hv problems with young people who show devotion to devo ka dev mahadev!!! Beta Swastik, just becoz ur mind is becoming anti-nationaler everyday, u hv problems with young men doing devotion and patriotic motorcycle riding and bhajan concerts?!!! If it was RICKY MARTIN, u would be jhoomo-ing on the streets!!!!

But my family… even ur LACK OF VISHWAAS in the progress of BHARAT MATA cannot make any difference to the glory of saawan, Mahadev and its devotees in NEW INDIA!!!! Yes … under the able leadership of Sheron ka sher sarvashresth sewak world famous chakravartin fashion guru yoga master pradhan mantri shri narendra bhai modi ji and loh purush lakshman prateek police master chanakya of modern bharat griha mantri shri Amit Bhai Shah ji BHARAT IS RESPECTING HINDUS at last!!!

My family… u will not remember early times when HINDUS WERE SUPPRESSED… When i was young aphsar i wanted to do good work for all pilgrims… give kawars (it was simple time then, only some young men and all would do) some govt help like shelter and transport and food and do puja with them… BUT all seniors said this against securalism… against india!!!! HOW CAN HELPING MAHADEV BHAKTS BE AGAINST Bharat…


But bachchon, jo sattar saal mein nahi hua, woh Modi ji ke raaj mein ho raha hai… Big police and DM of UP did pushp varsha on kaawads…. and sarkaar paid for their helicopter ride!!!! who paid for flowers i dont know… but what shopkeeper can ask police doing bhakti for money????

Yes my family… all r blaming UP sarkar for tragic truck accident and all… but no one is noticing good work done for shiv bhakts… let me tell u… it is only kyunki we hv Hindu Hriday Samraat as pradhan sewak that all this is possible with kaawariyas… Modi ji too is a shiv bhakt… and he is also on a devotional journey of BUILDING PROUD HINDU INDIA….u see bachchon… in a way, he is also a kaawariya………