Forwarded as Received: Future Foretold

Forwarded as Received: Future Foretold

What the present tells WhatsApp Uncle of the nation’s future

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Shining bright: A still from the film Chalo Jeete Hain

My family!!!! let me tell u very frankly some truth!!!! Ur peedi is only used to “like” and smiley… but not to reality of life… But it is not ur galti. In this kalyug time, all the old knowledge is lost… in olden days, all rishis of india could tell that gr8 man is coming, that some mahapurush who will change a whole yuga of itihaas is being born… Beta swastik… dont say communal and all… even when Jesus Isamasi was born all wise men and bhed bakri waalas saw in stars and came to say “hey! god’s son is here today”!!!!

That anceint wisdom is toh now lost… no shraaps and vardaans and rishis and all can tell when maryaada purushuttam is being born… but i am toh optimistic… my Lota is always full. Yes my family, all ancient knowledge of Swarna Bharatawarsha is lost… but in NEW INDIA WE CAN HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF PRESENT BY LOOKING AT GR8 LIFE OF GR8 MAN

I know u r thinking “oh no. same topic from daadu”. Even i thought my family that i wud chat with u about disco dancing and other young ppl things… then i said NO… what is more fun than greatness of new Marayaada Purushottam gujarat lion uttarakhand tiger vegetarian lohpurush chowkidaar sarvashreshth Narendra Bhai Damodardas Modi ji?!!!!??!!!!:))))))))

Yes my family… first toh i learnt that adarniya pradhan mantri was not naughty boy lyk u Angad in his bachpan… ji no… there is new beautiful film called Chalo jeete hai which won NATIONAL AWARD for family values…. look so gr8 is modi ji that his childhood can teach family values even tho he is bachelor (even i shud hv been brahmachaari desh sevak, all family is only pulling me down)….
Bachchon, in this picture (u can see on u tube) baby Naru (it is Pm only) is thinking of all amazing scemes lik no caste reservations and swachh bharat and ujjwalla yojna from his childhood only… he is even selling tea to soldiers!!! normal children toh pick their nose and only do fun for themselves… but BABY PM DOES ONLY THINKING FOR SOCIETY… for u all hero is film star and rock star.. all pashchimi nonsense… BABY PM loves Swami VIVEKANANDA and his teachings….]


Then bachchon only today i saw PM ji on discovery!!! pashcimi pandit nehru did discovery of india… but did he show BEAR GRYLLS POWER OF SHAAKAHARI?!!!! JI NO!!! did u see lion of india with BHAALA?!!! Oh…. i was toh going behosh with proudy feelings!!!! So much is Namo ka tejas that when he spoke hindi gora fellow understood and replied in ENGLISH!!!! and what a fashion hat?!!!! Has any1 PM of India done this in sattar saal?

So u see my family, we dont have ancient rishi science of telling gr8 men from looking at stars…. but we can tell future of nation by looking at nation’s leader…From his history and present we can tell future…We can also be rishis of NEW India